Manchester to Liverpool bike ride…

I mentioned many times, starting about a year ago, that this year I would be taking part in the Manchester to Liverpool charity bike ride

Well, the great thing of writing stuff like that on a blog is that there’s no turning back! 😉

And so I kept my word, I’ve signed up and set up my fundraising page, which you can find here:

I have never done a fundraising event, let alone 37 miles in one go!

The bike ride event supports the NSPCC charity, but I also wanted to support a much smaller and less known charity: Kidneys for Life.

Kidneys for Life is a charity based in Manchester raising funds to enable research into kidney disease, transplantation and dialysis and also helps to improve amenities for renal patients at Manchester Royal Infirmary and its satellite dialysis units.

I have written that I had a short stint at the MRI renal unit and met a wonderful bunch of medical staff. Although my short stint wasn’t as short as you’d imagine, they patched me up good and off I went leading a normal life, back as bouncy as a rubber ball… 😉

As it always happens, you only realise of the importance of medical reseach when it hits you first hand, so I hope I can do my bit to raise awareness and much needed donations for the wonderful work they do.

I love cycling, as many of you already know – well this blog is a testament right?! – and I also strongly believe cycling to be a viable, fun and sustainable alternative to the car for the everyday commute, errands, meeting friends, going to the cinema and yadda yadda yadda… so in my continous bid to support cycling as an everyday activity I will be taking part in the bike ride on my Pashley wearing a pretty dress… there’ll be no lycra in sight!

Right, now, the important question………….

Will you be so kind and generous to support me?


Pretty please?! 😀


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