A Sunday explore.

Having been away for a week, waking up to a glorious sunny day was just the best feeling in the world! And what could make it even better than a suggestion by my Mr to go on a bike ride!

Didn’t need much persuading…

So, off we went in just a tee & jeans (similar to a previous post), leaving around 11am with the plan to stop halfway for food, wherever took our fancy… another reason why I love cycling, you can just stop as you wish… no need to stress about car parking!

So, we first rode along the Fallowfield Loop up to Longford Road then Mill Lane into Reddish Vale. We had a walk around the Farm and said hello to a humongous Shire horse. We then continued through Brinnington park and for a short section cycled along the road towards Stockport. We encoutered a pretty scary junction and decided to simply walk the bikes till we rejoined the cycle paths.

You can read more about this section of cycle ride here, called the Deadline: a disused railway line that used to run from Stockport (Tiviot Dale). It was a delight ‘discovering’ the Tame Valley, I never realised how green and ondulated the landscape was!

We ended up in Stockport from the A560 side and stopped at the TiAmo’s cafe for lunch 🙂

view along Great Underbank

thirst quenching... awaiting lunch

These are the only photos I took as I just ended up enjoying the ride and forgetting to have my camera at hand…

After refuelling we headed towards the river Mersey and the National Cycle Route 62, which took us towards Heaton Mersey. Finally making our way back home along Burnage/A34. We got home around 4pm.

As a first attempt, I tried to draw the map (very approximate) in Google Maps. You can find it by clicking here. Hope it gives you an idea of the route we took.

We left the NC62 at Heaton Mersey, but you could easily continue it towards Sale Water Park or Chorlton, and then join the Fallowfield Loop once more from Chorlton… many options to choose from!

It was a really enjoyable ride, the short sections on the road were fine, and if you were to do it with your family and/or with a mix ability riders you could easily ride, with care and respect towards pedestrians, on the pavement, especially if you had little ones. I would definitely recomment the Fallowfield Loop section and the Reddish Vale Farm/Brinnington Park to anyone!


5 responses to “A Sunday explore.

  1. Looks nice! I’ll have to give this route a try. Yesterday I took the Fallowfield Loop to Debdale, then the off road route through Gorton to the Ashton Canal, then into town. Gorton looked surprisingly nice in the sunshine!

    • Sounds like a lovely ride! We’ve followed the Loop till Gorton reservoir and that was delightful too! Lots to explore once you get out and about 🙂

  2. I’ve been to Tiamo’s not bad little place. I would’ve been out on a ride in Macclesfield but decided in the end to go up Kinder Scout with the walking group. If you haven’t been you should try and get up there on a sunny afternoon amazing views.

    • Not been up Kinder Scout, will keep it in mind, most of my ‘old’ friends are keen walkers, I’ll mention it to them. Cheers!

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