Riding in a tee!

It’s official! The sunshine season has arrived, as I was able to enjoy my first cycle ride in a just a tee and jeans.

When I say ‘it’s official’, I mean for myself… I am always so cold I am the last one to shed long sleeves and scarf (even if a simple silk one), but today I enjoyed feeling the sun mixed with a light breeze as I took my first cycle ride in my favourite stripy t-shirt, jeans and matching shoes (of course!)… notice the lack of socks too! lol! Letting my white pins feel the sunshine for the first time in a looong time!

And you, did you enjoy this sunny week end? Were bikes involved?


3 responses to “Riding in a tee!

  1. Glad to see you riding under the sunshine!
    The weekend it’s been also sunny here, but the wind was a little cold so I had to ride with a thin sweater. But I’m cold as you 🙂 so probably most of the people have ridden in a tee this weekend.
    Anyway, we are enjoying a lot our springtime rides!

  2. Yay! The first truly warm day of the year is a celebration. Yesterday was 80 degrees in Chicago and I wore a dress without tights for the first time since last October.

  3. Jen and I headed down to Quarry Bank Mill in Styal – a fantastic day for an easy ride! It was totally inspired by the 30 Days of Biking thing too, otherwise we’d have probably hung around in the city.

    I have managed to burn my forehead though…!

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