When someone yells at you from their car…

I think this is going round and round on the Interwebz, but I thought it was too nice to share it here too!

I am fond of the “clap them” and “look confused” strategy, tried and tested… not sure about the “flash them”… 😉

Thanks to all who contributed on the mini discussion in my last post. Really appreciated hearing/reading people’s opinion and experience. Let’s hope there’s more of us out there on the road, who see each other as just cyclists, than those who get a kick out of creating friction 😉

Image found via Girl On Bike. Image source Urban Velo.


7 responses to “When someone yells at you from their car…

  1. I always wave at them. It’s funny to see the confusion on their faces 🙂
    Sometimes they wave at me as if they had recognized me. Silly.

  2. I am liking the “blowing a kiss”… I may try that! And if I have the chance to catch up with said yeller I may ask if she/he needs a hug, although I am not sure how Mancunian people will take that. I have waved in the past but on rare occasions I got the middle finger back 😦 classy, I know…

  3. I like the “get a song stuck in their head” option. I’m thinking something along the lines of: “it’s Friday, Friday . . . . . fun fun fun fun.”

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