Shedding layers

cycling through Fog Lane Park

Spring weather at the moment comes and go, last week we had gorgeous sunshine, this week a bit of rain, a bit of gusty winds and some chilli evenings.

But, the temperatures have definitely improved! So much so that it’s with great delight that I have been able to shed some winter layers.

Off with the padded jacket, I’ve put away my trusty fleecy scarf and I am down to just one pair of gloves!

My trusty suede jacket has returned, together with my adored red Converse! And… notice my red gloves!! I tell you what, they certainly are great in catching drivers’ attention, especially when I am signalling ‘turn right’ or ‘turn left’… visibility with creativity 😉


3 responses to “Shedding layers

  1. Yesterday was almost 70F here. Today it was rainy. Tomorrow it will be snowing. Sigh.

    Love the suede jacket and darling pops of red.

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