30 days of biking

So, it’s that time of year again!

30 Days of Biking starts tomorrow!!

Last year I came to hear about it half way through, and still decided to challenge myself to 15 days of biking. And you know what?! It worked wonders for me, cycling consecutively for 15 days spurred me on to keep on cycling everyday, and after few months I was proudly celebrating my first 1000 miles!


Alexandra Park - April 2010

April 2010 - one of my fav spring panda shots

food shopping on a Sunday - to ensure I stuck to my 15 days of cycling!

This year I can’t believe how I now look at the idea of “30 days of cycling” as a normal thing. I cycle every day, yup, I do. And it’s simply because it saves me an incredible amount of money in public transport, especially at the moment when I am not earning regularly, and my brain now automatically tells me that cycling is still faster than walking, even if I am just popping down to my local post office, which is not even 1/2 a mile away.

Will you take part? I won’t formally sign up to it as for a handful of days I will be in Wales for uni, which is a shame but not much I can do about it. If you do take part good luck and enjoy!


6 responses to “30 days of biking

  1. It’s the sort of thing I’d love to do but I know I won’t get 30 days in the next month as I’ve got a lot of weekends away starting with this weekend up in Yorkshire.

    • Well, you could do it in May :D… teasing apart, I think the idea is just to spur you on to cycle everyday, even if just down to the newsagent to get paper and milk.

  2. You can do 30 days in your sleep! You are my idol.

    I want to sign up but this weekend will already be problematic for me and riding. But I guess that is the point. To make the commitment.

    • *_* (blushing!!) you are so kind Kara!

      I found that even doing 15 days of cycling, everyday, was a great thing to do and fun too, it really switched my perception of cycling and instilled a new healthy habit of hopping on my bike even when everything else would have told me in the past “naaaa, take the bus!” 😉

      PS – Hope you get Ade sorted soon! x

  3. I’m really looking forward to it- & what I posted to my fellow bike fans over on FB:
    Since I’m off work for a considerable part of April what with easter, bank hols and royal weddings its an ideal opportunity to start building up to that 100 mile charity ride I’m hoping to do in afew months time as well as building up to some cycling holidays that I’d love to do over summer. It’s also an ideal opportunity for me to get familiar with my mixte road bike & hopefully visit some mountain biking trails in Scotland. & I hope to not cheat to much with just going round the block… tho if there are any days when I’m hungover…

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