Today I had one of those days when you hop from one place to another, and you plan your route home to make sure you hit all the places you need to see/go to in one go!

I got half way through my list of things to do/places to go to, and I got to Withington. I locked my bike to the only signpost fit for my lock that I could find (no bike racks in sight, oh no!!)… and what do I see???? A delightful ladybird!

a little sweetness in all this grayness

You may not know that I love ladybirds. When I was little my dad had this little magnet in the shape of a ladybird that he had in his car, and always told me that as ladybirds bring good luck, his ladybird magnet would bring him luck and keep him safe (for work he always had to travel long distances for his commute), I guess for a little girl of 2 or 3 anything sounded good to ensure her daddy was safe! But since that young age I think of ladybirds so dearly, and since having an allotment I cherish them as a powerful allay to have in growing veg the organic way!

I was so delighted to spot this little one, another sure sign of spring. Although slightly irritated by lack of cycle racks, this little friend brought a smile to my face!

[Reason one million and one for cycling!]


8 responses to “Ladybird

  1. My 5 yr old girl loves butterflies which is very sweet. She is reassured I wear a helmet when cycling though (not sure how I work ladybirds into my protective cycling armoury). “Please make sure you have your helmet Daddy in case you fall off” she earnestly tells me. Poor deluded girl. I blame her mother!

    Love ladybirds myself. My nieces liked them too until I told them they are just colourful beetles. Not quite so fond now!

    • That is so sweet! I am sure I saw some cute butterfly hairclips, which I am sure we can work into your helmet 😉 I got back to wearing my helmet after me trying to go without it, I feel that for me it just acts like a safety blanket does to a toddler (I am 28, honestly) and since it also keeps my crazy curly hair at bay, I thought why not! 😉

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