March Wheelers’ Brunch

Image (c)MiddleAgeCyclist

Another month, another Wheelers’ Brunch!

Personally I don’t know where March has gone, one moment it was the 1st of March and the next it’s already the 27!!

Yesterday the Wheelers’ Brunch group met for our monthly get together. Venue: Saints and Scholars in Didsbury.

A small, cosy and quirky cafe that does some yummy food and a filling English breakfast (both meat and veg options).

It was 8 of us in total this time, which gave us the chance to catch up with everyone!

We talked about cycling adventures (and misadventures too), planned trips for the coming spring and summer and charity bike rides that some of us are planning to do.

We also talked a lot about cargo bikes, and as MrC came with his Yuba Mundo, some of us couldn’t resist to ask for a quick test-ride. He was ever so kind to say yes. I had a really quick ‘spin’, after the seat post was lowered right down (at 5’2”, petite is the word!), and the Yuba felt really nice and easy to manouvre, not heavy or bulky at all!

So it’s definitely gone on my bike wishlist! I’d like to test a Bakfiets and a Masden (although not sure if the latter is even sold in the UK).

On Saturday 16 of April, the Chorlton’s Big Green Festival will take place and I know Practical Cycles will have a stall. I am gutted I won’t be around that week end, not only because I’ll be missing all the action but also because I would have loved to have test-rode a Bakfiets. My sources tell me we will be getting some test-ride reviews though!!

So, a great week end, a great Brunch and a great March! A true start to spring. Looking forward to April, ready to enjoy not only its sunshine but its possible, and likely bout of rain, hail and frost… since, you know… it’s Manchester! But we love it for that!


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