Hello MCR Cycle Chic!

Well…. ladies and gents!

Let me introduce you to…………..

MCR Cycle Chic

Jacky (of NorthwestIsBest) and I got together for this joint project! I know you can’t believe your eyes when I tell you that Manchester did not have its very own Cycle Chic blog till today!

Well, fear not, we’ve put that one right! 😉

Inspired by the original Copenhagen Cycle ChicMCR Cycle Chic will showcase Manchester’s growing cycling scene!


Jacky's Cycle Chic

If you are a Manchester’s photographer and would like to submit your photos of chic cyclists for MCR Cycle Chic, send me an email: ciaolc82 [at] yahoo.co.uk We will credit your photos of course!


9 responses to “Hello MCR Cycle Chic!

  1. It’d be worth getting the MCRcyclechic twitter name whilst it is still free too. Good luck with the collaboration, I’d be happy to send you guys pictures

    • Thanks Ian! It would have been a crime not showcasing Manchester’s growing cycling culture of everyday cyclists that we so need to start this cultural revolution! 😀

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