What a cycling week!

Tuesday out and about with Barolo.

Wednesday a stroll with Pashley (sorry no photos).

Thursday a lovely afternoon drink with NorthwestIsBest, talking about lots of things plus an exicting project we’ll be doing together (stay tuned! Photos to follow). [my brain! I forgot to say that we also bumped into MrC, and on my way into the city centre later on – I was going to a lecture at the John Rylands libraryI saw him again on his Brompton!]

Today, a sunny Friday, is Critical Mass! Hope to see you at the Central Library for 6pm!


Tomorrow, Saturday… Wheelers’ Brunch!! We are at the end of another month! A month that has seen the start of a delightful spring! So much so that Sunday I’ll be at the allotment, starting the new growing season!

Regarding Wheelers’ Brunch, we are meeting in Didsbury around 11.30am! If you want to join us, head over to the Wheelers’ Brunch Group to get info about where we’re meeting, or email me, at the usual address.

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