A gorgeous day for cycling!

What a gorgeous day we had! A fantastic start to spring : )

Hope you all got to enjoy a bike ride in such sunshine! I made the most of it, and how glad I am I did!

I also shed some winter layers, huzzah! Brought out my trusty old suede jacket (it’s 8 years old but it’s still going strong!), my spring red gloves and left my fleecy scarf at home. I headed to Didsbury with Barolo.

getting ready before setting off, wearing... what I'd wear for my destination!

I went first to the library, then realising it wouldn’t open till 2pm, I decided to walk Barolo to my mother’s home as she doesn’t live too far. I love walking with my bike, I can take the time to look – ok, have a nose – into people’s lovely front gardens and take inspiration for my little green patch!

And I spotted a lovely lady in a red skirt and a dapper old gent enjoying his gentle cycle to the village shops.

But the weather was so good mum and I soon headed back out again, and went for a walk and coffee. On my way back home I stopped at Aldi and did the weekly shopping (well, most of it while the rest, i.e. fresh food, I buy local in Levy as and when I need it).

This is what my panniers held, and there was room for more.

I really enjoy how steady and balanced Barolo feels even when loaded to the rim, the back panniers are a fantastic invention (I know they have been around for ages!). Plus I get a great work out for my legs and can raise my heartbeat a tad… it does me good, makes me feel alive and strengthens my stamina.

I got home, made a cuppa and took the washing in from the garden, which is now smelling lovely…. ahhhhh, spring is here! And I burnt calories, not petrol… a win-win day from all fronts, me thinks ; )

How about you? Do share!


5 responses to “A gorgeous day for cycling!

  1. Had a drive (urgghh) to the tip…cough…recycling centre, and then collected some new tiles for the kitchen on the way home…

    …cut down & refitted an interior and an exterior door into the kitchen – planer blade worn so neighbour thought we were breeding some monster hybrid mosquitos…

    …had an early evening family stroll to brother in laws new house where we turned the tables and demand “C’mon bro – get the kettle on!”, before wandering home.

    Considering the stars are out, it’s pretty mild. Nice camping weather in fact!

    • lol! Plenty of trips to the recycling centre for us too!! House renovation works never stop… nor the junk & debris we seem to produce…

      Did you camp in the garden? A trick that never failed in my childhood 😉

      • No we didn’t unfortunately! Have done with Emm on a few occasions, but hoping to have a ride to Hayfield with her at some point to camp there – we can get there by canal & trail with just a mile of road either side so it should be fun :>)

        Had a nice ride down the canal with Wifey yesterday afternoon that included a rest in a beer garden – not bad at all for March!

  2. A very nice day indeed!
    Life is so relaxing on a bicycle 😉 i can feel it in your post.
    Now I’m heading to the groceries shop with the bompton! I have enough room in its shopping bag.

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