Climate Week. 21-27 March 2011

Back home, for a full 8 weeks! Nice!

And how best to start, as this week is Climate Week. I won’t go into the political nitty gritty of an event sponsored by names such as EDF, RBS and Tesco. Let’s look at the positives! Let’s look at what we can do and what we can celebrate!

What a better way to celebrate our planet than to celebrate our bikes!

This week I plan to post every day with my everyday bike adventures 🙂 You know, the everyday! The joys, challenges and yes downsides too, why not, of cycling (they’ve got to be embraced too) and how we can easily incorporate an alternative way to get about than the car.

My 2010 in pictures 🙂

Will you join me? Will you blog this week about your bike and cycling as a celebration of the benefits and fun of choosing your bike over the car, or even over the bus and train?

Get Set, Ready, Go!

But most of all, I wish you all a fun week, and even though undoutably we will encounter unpleasant drivers, why not smile at them when they may insult us and say “I wish you a safe journey Sir/M’am” and see their reaction.



2 responses to “Climate Week. 21-27 March 2011

  1. Yeah I might take up the challenge, but mine would be a gripey week as me rear wheel needs to be rebuilt. I am constantly loosing spokes at the moment. I’m giving them away free with a copy of the Manchester Evening News.. *sigh*

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