Wheelers’ Brunch – February

February’s Wheelers’ Brunch on Saturday had another great turn out!

This time we met at Nexus Art Cafe, a delightful and quirky community arts cafe located in the Northern Quarter.

As I entered the cafe I was met by a vibrant bunch of actors rehearsing a play: Le diner de cons. The play will be on show from the 3rd – 5th March, 2011.  7:30pm.  Admission FREE!!

MrM was already there and waved at me as I was locating familiar faces. He did a great job of securing a nice, cosy corner with chairs and sofas.

nexus menu (old photo but artwork still the same)

Typically, as I left the house I grabbed my camera only to realise the battery was dead (!). But very kindly the lovely Northwest Is Best has emailed me a couple of photos she took of the Brunch party!

Images courtesy of (c)Nortwest Is Best

There were familiar faces such as Jim and MrC, as well as new people like Bike Fabulous as well as MrP, MrD and MrJ from GMCC (see also here) and Love your Bike.

We talked about all sorts! Cycling experiences, bike lust (tell me when a lover-of-bikes wouldn’t want to add to his/her collection!) and bike adventures! Some of us will be doing the Manchester to Liverpool charity ride, either in groups or individually, but no doubt we will wave and support each other along the ride. So far, myself, Northwest is Best, Bike Fabulous and Ruth will be doing it wearing everyday clothes and incorporating few cake stops! A ride in style… oh yes!

MrC told us more about his new great initiative of wheel-building! If you are requiring a wheel that has more unique specifications than factory-made ones, then he’s your man! Head over his blog for more info.

We are also thinking of planning an outing to the Manchester Velodrome, as a group, for a tester session trying riding race track bikes on it!

For the March meet up we will choose a venue between either Didsbury or Chortlon as the first meet up outside Manchester city centre. We seemed to all agree that we could keep Manchester eateries as winter weather choices, and explore Manchester’s surroundings in spring and summer.

So! Lots of exciting ideas, to have fun all together as well as have an opportunity to put our brains together to think of ways of promoting everyday cycling to others, who may be interested but perhaps fearful of giving it a go!

If you like what we get up to and plans for the future, then join our Wheelers’ Brunch group to keep up to date with meet ups and events!

PS – I was asked why I don’t publish here in advance where and when we meet. The simple reason is for me to try and have an idea of numbers attending. Especially when going to small cafes/ eateries I prefer to book a table, so we can all sit together. With spring and summer approaching we will be organising picnics meet up etc where space is not an issue and I will advertise date and times here on the blog. However if you are interested in joining what we do, then please do sign up to the google group. It’s really easy and hassle-free!


2 responses to “Wheelers’ Brunch – February

    • Thanks Elliot! Nexus, as always provided a friendly and chilled atmosphere 😀 it’s a favourite with many of us!

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