When cyclists matter…

This video, by the brilliant Markenlei (Mark Wagenbuur), has been popping up on many cycling blogs, but I still would like to share it here, in case someone may not have seen it.

From my everyday experience of cycling in Manchester I could be left flabbergasted at how serious road accidents that involve cyclists are taken in the Netherlands, but then reminding myself of the Dutch cultural appreciation of transport cycling then I am not surprised. I am in awe though, as I dread to think how long it’ll take for GB to wake up and realise that citizens on bikes are to be favoured over citizens in cars. Everyone benefits from it – there is so much research out there I am getting disheartened at having to quote it over and over again and still falling on deaf ears.

Not only we need to lobby for changes in policies and transport planning etc, but it’s imperative that we start a cultural shift too! At the moment the majority of GB citizens are car-centric believing the car is a right not a luxury.

I’d like to say that we need a cultural revolution, and I know I am probably opening the gates to a flurry of strongly opinionated comments (fingers crossed I won’t, coz I am not in the mood for unpleasant reading)…

In the meantime I strongly support any campaign group, which has the enthusiasm and interest in not sitting back but do something about it, with determination and positive attitude. May I direct you over to the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain? 🙂


2 responses to “When cyclists matter…

  1. Interesting video.

    Like every other picture & vid’ I see of the Netherlands, it’s like another world! Whilst it’s disheartening to see that they have Prize T*****s over there also, it’s nice on the other hand to see that their society doesn’t tolerate them in quite the same way as ours.

    Said much the same and agree totally – a cultural change over here would work wonders. It’s not just about bicycles, but in the grander scheme of things about how people treat one another.

  2. I saw this video last week and I loved it. If we think rationally their attitude is the normal, not ours.
    I agree with you, we need a cultural shift. People has to see that cars are not the center of our lifes…

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