Appreciating the seasons…

All of them.

Yes, indeed.

Another reason why I love cycling so much is that it gets you to experience all seasons: the good, the bad and the ugly. And despite the bad and the ugly, as a cyclist you learn to love them all.

Prior to turning my bike into an extension of my body, aka joined at the hips, I was one of those people who would get fed up if it was cold, I would swear at the snow and frost for grinding site works to a halt, for delaying deadlines, I would also swear at the heat and sunshine because it was too ‘painful’, and hot and sticky to work silly long hours in an office that you either sweltered in or froze in (if the air con was on)… I was happy only with autumn and spring.

We are so used to all our technologies that we expect to work and be productful 365 days a year, if it’s cold we turn the heat right up, if it’s hot we turn the air con right up! So long as productivity is not effected.

My bikes have taught me that is not the case.

If it snows, with the right clothing and the right bike I can still go about my daily business, if it’s so icy that it’s dangerous than I simply use public transport or if I can I’ll also accept that it’s fine to stay indoor and take it easy. If it’s so hot that staying indoors makes me feel queasy, then a lunch hour ride on my bike makes everything right, cools me down both brain and body.

The simple mechanical action that our bodies have to do when cycling is powerful enough to let us perceive the world differently, to realise that every season has its function and we should not battle against it, but welcome it.

This winter that at times seems never ending, is already releasing its grip, I saw the first daffodils shoots, the garlic I planted in October has sprouted too and my apple tree has little new buds. If nature shows us that it needs time to rest and hibernate, then we could relearn to live with more balance, in every aspect of our lives.

I should start numbering my reasons for loving my bikes!

7 responses to “Appreciating the seasons…

  1. I’m with ya. Riding a bike has put me back in tune with seasons, more so than even taking the bus or gasp driving. And once you bike through enough seasons and figure out how to deal with each one effectively, you realize things ain’t so bad. For instance, I’ll be riding home at night on a winter’s night. I’ll be stopped at a light and think: hey, this is fine! I’m comfortable doing this, and I wouldn’t actually mind being outside longer. I’m sure those driving wouldn’t have the same feeling once they got out of the safety of their steel cocoons!

    • Thanks Nuresma! From your blog, the landscape where you live seems wonderful all year round! You’re a lucky gal 😉

  2. Here, here! Wonderfully said. As much as I’m complaining about winter this week, I actually love all the seasons and am grateful that I get to experience them with my bicycle. Separating myself from the constant “solutions” that technology provides is important for my life, as a human being.

    • LGRAB blog is fantastic to see just this… yours and Trisha’s photos of your bicycle adventures throughout the year are so inspiring! Yes, technological solutions are good, but not all the time 😉

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