Cycling activities and events around Greater Manchester

At the Wheelers’ Brunch, Richard of Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign passed around some interesting information of cycling activities and events that go on in Greater Manchester. Some of them people may be familiar with others perhaps less, either way I thought to share it for everyone’s information.

Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign is:

…a voluntary group working to make cycling in Greater Manchester quicker, safer, easier and more enjoyable. The group wants more people to use bicycles – or other kinds of human powered vehicle – for transport and leisure. And it represents and empowers people who do this.

You can find out more about the group by going to their website (click the link above). There’s lots of information about cycling in GM, regular meetings, one off events and much more! I’d highly recommend you’d go and check it out 🙂

Bike Friday, as many of us regular cyclists may know, happens on the last Friday of every month.

Organised by Manchester Friends of the Earth, who are also behind Love Your Bike, is a monthly morning ride, along the main commuting routes, for cyclists of all abilities to ride into town for work, study or leisure in a group. It’s great especially for those newby cyclists, who can gain a lot of confidence by riding with others… cars respect a cyclists pack much more.

And as mentioned above, Love Your Bike is a fantastic website that I personally refer to often as it has updates on local transport policies consultations et al (at the moment they have info on the GM Local Transport Policy, Draft 3), a “mapbook” page where users can input their commute/cycling route as well as a blackspot map where again users can signal bad spots (i.e. dangerous, poor infrastructure etc) of GM roads. “YourComments” page is great too, as it gathers all the comments people leave on the website about their GM cycling experiences (don’t expect praising comments, btw), I find myself nodding at most of them. They also publish interesting reports, put together by Manchester FoE, on sustainable transport (i.e. cycling, walking et al) to Manchester City Council as feedback from all the input/comments that users leave on the “Love Your Bike” website.

Last but not least, as I didn’t hear of this before, Richard told us about Cycling Projects.

Cycling Projects has brought cycling into many people’s lives since it was registered as a charity in 1991. Since it started, we have become increasingly involved in cycling related training, bringing cycling to disabled people, encouraging people with poor health to take up cycling and working with excluded communities to help them make cycling part of their lives.

You can read more about it by visiting the project’s website.

The one in Manchester, that Richard runs with other volunteers, is based at Longford Park in Chorlton. The leaflet scanned below gives you more information. (You can click on it to make it larger).

One last thing! There are still free adult cycling classes happening in Greater Manchester, organised by Bikeright!

Freewheeling are adult cycling classes organised in three levels of cycling skills and techniques. Go and have a look for more info! My mum expressed the wish to learn to cycle (how proud am I!) so I am hoping that come spring she’ll be able to take one of these classes, I think a class with an instructor, who not only is calm and encouraging but also with lots of experience will be the best way for her to learn.


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