2011 resolutions…

Well… I don’t actually do resolutions reeeeeally… per se… but I like a challenge ;>) Especially one for a good cause. And as I mentioned it previously, I am sticking to my word and this year I will be doing the Manchester to Liverpool bike ride on the 29th of May!

I was talking about it to Darrell at Wheelers’ Brunch and he was telling me about his experiences (he has done, still does and will do, present-past-future, long distance rides, read more here) and he’s going to do the Manchester-Blackpool ride!

I am determined to do it in normal clothes, albeit of course comfy, so I will be riding in something that will simply come out of my normal wardrobe (although perhaps I may be persuaded to padded pants… what do you think? Necessary?).

And I would like to do the ride with Pashley. When a friend heard this, as a joke, he asked whether I was doing it in fancy dress! How very rude… 😉

However I have never done the ride before (well, I’ve never done a charity ride at all) and I was wondering if anyone has and could tell me what the route is like… i.e. terrain etc.

On the Bike Events website they only thing they say is that it isn’t suitable for road bikes. Well, that’s ok, I don’t have one.

I’d be happy to do it with Barolo, and in the end I may opt that way (coz it’s lighter and easier to maneuver)… but still, it would be nice and imagine how quirky it’d bee to see a lady on her Pashley, with a wicker basket and ‘pretty’ clothes amongst, no doubt, lots of lycra people :>)

Charity wise, I have contacted the Renal Unit of the MRI, but as Darrell was telling me, very likely the fundraising is redirected to the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (could this be any longer?!)… But I’ve sent an email, so we shall see… Otherwise, hopefully, I can raise money for Kidney Research UK.

[Not that there’s anything wrong with CMFN, it’s just that the MRI Renal Unit/Kidney Research UK are close to my heart]

So, tips, advice… is anyone else doing it? Does anyone fancy joining me, in normal clothes too? Just imagine how good it would be, wouldn’t it?! *hint, hint*


23 responses to “2011 resolutions…

  1. I’d potentially be interested in joining you. Normal clothes? not sure. Perhaps mtb shorts (which have padded lycra’s built in) and a sensible t-shirt, 29th May should be reasonably warm shouldn’t it?

    My Revolution Courier certainly isn’t a road bike but it on the road/courier side of hybrid (as the name implies) so I’d want to know what the route was like too. I would hope to have an mtb by then but that won’t necessarily happen.

    So is the prospect to cycle there and back? I do demand at least a pint at a pub at the end of a long ride/walk, call it a service fee 😉

    • I think a Hybrid is absolutely fine 🙂 I think they say tires less than 1.5inch thick may struggle, that’s all… by normal clothes I mean no specialised gear… i.e. shorts, t-shirt etc…

      Weather permitting I’ll probably be wearing comfy dress and leggings… that’s what I cycle in summer anyway.

      The important thing is the wear decent sunblock (unless it’s raining) coz otherwise a lobster-look may be on the card eheh 😉

      The ride is Manchester-Liverpool, people COULD cycle back… I will probably aim to get the train 😉 37 miles may be just enough for me…

  2. I’d love to try this! Unfortunately I don’t have any tips or tricks because I’m still quite an inexperienced cyclist, having only really cycled around Greater Manchester. But I’d definitely wear a pretty dress – a suitable pretty dress, of course.

    • Excellent! I plan to enjoy it, take it easy and yes wear a nice, sensible, pretty dress too! It’d be great if you did it too! Ruth (from Wheelers’ Brunch) mentioned that she may join in 😀

  3. Last year when I had terrible wisdom tooth pain, I took the day off work and ended up doing the first third of the route on the Kona Africa Bike. I would definitely recommend Vita over Barolo, simply because the terrain isn’t hugely friendly and the tougher wheels and other components of a Pashley would serve you better. After the first few miles it gets better and you will be much more comfortable.

    I also crossed the Pennines via canal towpath on my DL-1, a ride of comparable length and road quality. If you do a few preparatory long rides you probably won’t feel the need for padded shorts with the Brooks (especially as they tend to be designed for narrower saddles than the B66/67.

    • Thanks MrC! That’s fantastic to hear 😀 I was hoping someone would say “do it with Vita!” so thank you!

      As soon as the weather gets a tad better I hope to plan few decent preparatory rides. I’ve done a couple of 20 miles rides (with a stop in between though) and the Brooks saddle was actually really comfortable, much more than Barolo’s anyway (a normal gel ‘specialist’ tourer saddle… ummmm) 😉


    • What???? You’re moving to Denmark??? Any more info on that? 😀

      Shame though… honestly cycling in a dress is so comfy, you’d be a convert 😉 [minus any religious meaning]

      • You got the job Calvers? Brill – dead chuffed for ya!

        I don’t have any pretty dresses either LC & am a bit too tall for Wendys ;>D

        Seriously don’t think you’ll need any specialist clothing if the weather is half decent & you take your time.

  4. I don;t have any tips or tricks to share sadly, but I wanted to say good on you for doing this! Sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic experience!!! x

    Lady Vélo

  5. Looking forward to reading about hour experience. You could always wear slightly padded Legging shorts underneath a pretty dress.

    • Cheers! I’ll definitely look into it. I’ll try some prep rides without it to see whether I suffer at all and then re-evaluate 🙂

  6. Ooh excellent to be building up to this 🙂
    I’m thinking about doing the 100miler round Cheshire for Christies in Sept. I plan on working my way up to it along canal routes. Very much looking forward to riding the Lancaster Canal. If you fancy joining me when I get going, give me a shout.
    Glad to hear the brunch was a success, sorry I couldn’t make it, hopefully the next one 🙂

  7. I did the Stoke on Trent Tour Ride last year (Challenge, which is 50 miles) with my brother in law, whose longest ride to then had been a 30. We were on road bikes, (although he was on a steel framed tourer) but we saw lots of people riding hybrids, even hard tail MTBs. I reckon the key is to take it easy, and to stop for lots of cake 😉 (I totted up our feed stops, waiting for other members of the team, and chatting time, and it was about an hour of our total time on the ride).

    If you’re going for “normal” clothes, watch out for chafing – I’ve ridden 25 miles in jeans once, and I think I’d not have liked to have to ride 30!

  8. A good quality touring 700×25 touring tyre will do this route with no problem.

    By the way, the NHS is not a charity. It is funded by taxpayers.

    • Sincere apologies if I am misunderstanding you, but is this a sarcastic/condescending comment?

      I very well know the NHS is funded through taxpayers money, and I am very happy to pay taxes that go towards the NHS. Most of the NHS hospitals have foundation trusts and they also rely on people’s fundraising to advance medical research as well as many other aspects, like support for patients etc… or am I missing something?

      • No you aren’t missing anything.

        You aren’t one one of those Manchester cyclist boggers who thinks Manchester consists of the the Oxford Rd area university and hospitals , the city centre and perhaps Didsbury and Chorlton.

      • Don,

        As unpaletable as it may be, picture yourself in a hospital bed thinking, “I’d give anything to be back on my feet & out of here!”

        This is about being grateful after a health scare and wanting to give something back in support.

        And ‘Boggers’??? ;>D

  9. Hi.
    I’ve done this distance. Not on an organised ride but as a fun day. Not long after we first got our bikes me and Chris cycled from our flat in Manchester City Centre to the seaside at Southport. So I would say that’s about a similar distance. I didn’t even have any padded pants at the time so I’d say you’d be fine to do it without. My legs were stiff afterwards, but in that good ‘you know you’ve worked hard’ kind of way.
    And we had fish and chips at Southport too, as a reward.
    I don’t know what route we took. That’s Chris’ department. But I do remember it being mainly off road. If anyone would like to know shout up and I’ll ask him.

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