Wheelers’ Brunch – Sat 29 Jan

Well, what a fantastic first Wheelers’ Brunch we had!

A super turnout, 14 17 (!) like-minded bicyclists, talking about bikes, sharing experiences and having a tasty brunch at Odder, in Manchester!

It was fantastic getting to know so many great people, putting faces to fellow bloggers, like Lazy Bicycle, Manchester Cycling, CycleA2B, MiddleAgeCyclist, Calvers, North West is Best, and even SheffieldCycleChic all the way from Sheffield! As well as many Twitter friends too! Taking the opportunity to spend a couple of hours together a month, catching up about experiences, common wishes (real infrastructure, improved driver’s attitude etc) and events/activities that go on Greater Manchester, seemed to be a jolly good idea!

Thanks to all who came along! Look forward to organising the February get-together!

If you would like to join us, then contact me via email, as per usual 😉 ciaolc82 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk

You can read about the brunch also on Calvers and CycleA2B



4 responses to “Wheelers’ Brunch – Sat 29 Jan

  1. LC
    Sorry for being late, many apologies for our nosebag arriving 1st (felt really bad about that!!!), but above anything else thanks for organising it & inviting us.

    Wend’ enjoyed having a ride out & is looking forward to coming to a follow up – sadly not Feb’ but certainly soon and with better baby sitting arrangements so we can spend a bit more time mingling afterwards.

    I didn’t get chance to meet or talk to as many of you as I would’ve liked, but nice to meet you briefly Meestar Cee, nice to meet you at last Calvers & others, and hi to Sheffield Cycle Chic who I had no idea was there or even coming, but great to find out that you had – hope you enjoyed Manchester :>D

    Ian & Wendy…

    • Hey don’t worry at all!!! 😀 It’s all a new learning experience for me too… next time I’ll make sure to give some reference points for directions (like I should have said Odder is next to StaTravel etc)…

      I am so glad we all seemed to have had a great time! And it was super meeting each other properly after many comments on blogs, twitter etc 🙂

      I look forward to seeing you both again soon… I didn’t have chance to have a look at Wendy’s beautiful Pashley Britannia!!

      Have a great start to the week!

      L x

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