Conversation with local postie & his bike…

Today I was in Didsbury … despite the rain, cycling was still the most straightforward way for me to get there, and how glad I was I did cycle!

As usual, I went to park Vita outside the library. As I dismounted I looked up and who do I see? My old work’s postie on his bike! After few “Hello! How are you?” he noticed that my bike is a Pashley and smiled saying “The RM bikes are Pashley!”… I smiled back and said I know!!

As he seemed able to spare a minute or two I asked him what was happening to the RM bikes in Manchester  (as I have been interested in the whole shenanigans), as I heard in Milton Keynes RM has phased out its bikes fleet already. He said that they were going to do the same in Manchester, but when it came to it they THEN realise that not only did they not have the money for it (doh!) to replace one bike with one van but that they just didn’t have the space for it!

Remember this?

42 Brompton bikes in a car space - (c)Brompton

On average you can fit up to 20 bikes in one car parking space… one car parking bay is approx 11.5 sq.m while a bike takes approx 0.5sq.m of space… so… if – say – an RM depo holds 20 bikes in 11.5sqm, then if they wanna have 20 vans… well… they’d need about… 230sq.m… yes… 230sq.m!!

To give you an idea an average 2/3 bed home is approx 140sqm…

Funny uh?! How a bit of maths got RM’s MD and CEO minds working. He also told me that what clinched the deal – so to speak – was the realisation of the money needed to insuring all those vans, compared to keeping the bikes… so he smiled and he said that he’s pretty glad he won’t have to give up his bike for the time being 😀 before we went our separate ways I said how it’s always a pleasure to see a red postie bike on the road, and that I hope too he won’t have to give up his bike just yet!

a Mancunian postie & bike

Read more on “Keep our posties pedalling” campaign by CTC here.


5 responses to “Conversation with local postie & his bike…

  1. Man, it’s great that you have posty pedallers at all. I doubt that the USPS (United States Postal Service) would be into even trying it now. Which is funny because I know they’ve done it in the past. I’m sure they’d trounce out the usual “safety and efficiency” rhetoric in opposition to using bikes.

  2. I got talking to a cycling postie on our summers hols last year, who had become really attached to his Mailstar :>)

    It’s interesting to hear that a bit of reconsideration has gone on at Royal Mail. I’ve only ever seen the odd RM bike around here, probably because of the hills, but would prefer to see more bikes than vans blasting around – a no brainer really!

    P.S: LC, can you re-email me the details for Saturday? I think I’ve accidentally deleted a few emails :>(

    • the postie I talked too was also very attached to his bike. He said to me “it keeps me sane and healthy!” with a lot of passion in his voice : D RM talks about the wellbeing of its staff etc… so it seems daft – to put it mildly – that they would think swapping one bike for one van is a good idea…

  3. Glad to read this!
    In my town posties go walking or by scooter.
    I think that now they want to privatize the spanish post company so maybe they would like to save money changing scooters for bikes.

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