Colour! For a grey, wintry day

Well, the mild (ish) temperatures of last week fooled me, this morning a chilly fog just didn’t want to let go.

So, what do you do?

You wear bright, cheerful colours I say! I did get it a tad wrong with footware, as I did lose sensation of my toes by the time I got to town, but hey! Nothing a good cup of tea can’t cure!

red: check! green: check! blue: check! burgundy: check!

my last year brogues are still going strong : )

...this is what I was wearing: a jersey dress layered up, with woolly tights

I met my friend for lunch at the delish cafe of Manchester Museum, and parked outside my old department, felt nostalgic (yea well for all of 10 seconds though!). I got there a few minutes earlier so I sat outside and watched the world go by…

A lovely lady on her bike complete with fenders and rack went pass and made me smile as I saw a bunch of bright orange silk flowers rapped around her handlebar, on such a grey day it’s lovely to see a splash of colour!

If you are wondering what the round ‘thing’ behind is, that is the “drum”: a new-ish addition to the University of Manchester, which I don’t particularly like, as it replaced something that I used to find really striking: the old Maths Tower. You could see it for miles, a superb landmark. They could have reused the existing building, there was a lot of scope and it would be have been a much more sustainable solution. Anyhow. However they did get the hard landscaping just right, different use of paving has been successful in creating shared surfaces between pedestrians and cyclists, with the odd delivery van. [note to self: go take better pictures next time]

I then headed into town because my poor old Praktica died on me. Disaster! I am going to learn to develop my own film and I can’t lose my lil’ old camera… so I went to the brilliant guys of the Real Camera shop. Unfortunately their diagnosis wasn’t good, but luckily they had another body of the same camera and gave it me at a really good price, yay! So to celebrate I went to Nexus Art Cafe and treated myself to a nice hot peppermint tea…. I know, how adventurous!


Nexus Art Cafe

Cycling back was good, managed to cycle pass so much stationary traffic (I must admit I feel quite smug when that happens), although cycling down Portland Street is an experience I’d rather avoid…


12 responses to “Colour! For a grey, wintry day

  1. Hiya LC,

    I empathise with your toes – my fingers nearly dropped off this afternoon cycling to Ashton. And yes, I was wearing gloves!

    (I also enjoyed some overtaking smugness heading home – wehey)

  2. @thegirlontheside & @LadyVelo – thank you both! Since November I pledged not to buy any new clothes for a year (allowing myself charity shops and vintage + sewing my own) and I am pleasantly surprised of all the new combinations I am managing to create with what I have… These brogues spent most of last year in my wardrobe, this time they are getting a really good use 😀 it’s really liberating and much more creative!

  3. Hey Hey,

    You were less than a block from my office, you weren’t meeting MrC by any chance? he works in that tin can you’re talking about. I didn’t cycle today as I was going to the National Winter Ale Festival but I look forward to the chilly ride in the morning, after which I think I am going head back to the festival for a spot of volunteering.


    • hey MrM! Ahhh winter ale festival 😀 the one behind Ancoats? I am tempted to come down tomorrow eve, but need to save my pennies 😉

      I met a good friend of mine from school, I’ve known her since I first moved to England… many moons ago lol! She’s a research technician at the UoM Biology Department, where are you? At the humanities block (the new one)?

  4. Very nice colours LC!
    On grey days I also try to cheer up with colourfull clothes!
    We are having very low temps here too, but at least it’s sunny 🙂

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