January Wheelers’ Brunch meet up!

How can we have passed mid January already?!

Time is flying past!

Sooooooooo… don’t forget the first Wheelers’ Brunch meet up!

We are meeting Saturday the 29th, mid morning in Manchester.

For more info (i.e. where and when), email me!

ciaolc82 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk


3 responses to “January Wheelers’ Brunch meet up!

  1. Hey LC,

    I’ve got mudguards now so should be even more prepared for a clean ride into the city. My wife has a bike as well now but I doubt she will have the confidence for a ride into the city by then. She hasn’t cycled in over 10 years and the roads here are hectic at the best of times.

    Don’t kn0w if you want discussion to be open for events etc. or would rather people continue just emailing you for the brunch, but I can recommend google groups if that’s something you were thinking about.

    • hey MrM! For the time being I prefer correspondence via email re: Wheelers’ Brunch, so I can keep tab on numbers (for booking etc) also keeps things simple 🙂

      Sorry to hear your wife may not join us, although she could still come by tram etc, then as she builds up confidence cycling on roads she’ll be able to ride into town on future occasions. My wish for this group is to be as inclusive as possible, and if someone would like to use their bike more often as transport but don’t have the confidence yet to tackle Manchester roads, can still join us by making use of public transport till their cycling confidence grows.

      I’ll look into google groups. Cheers!

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