Shopping with panniers.

Part of my xmas presents, were a pair of panniers!

Oh yes, I have been going on about it for a while and my mum very kindly gave me some money as pressie that I could spend as I wanted (she said “I know nothing about bikes, I don’t even know what panniers mean!” bless her.)

Edinburgh Bicycle Coop, although it wouldn’t be my choice for buying a bike (now that I know a little more about the subject) is pretty good at everything else… including January sales! I got the panniers, no special brand, from them as they had 25% off!

This morning I went food shopping and decided to test them, so Vita stayed home and me & Barolo headed out, against a windy but blue sky 🙂

*drum roll*

They are brilliant! I did a decent weekly shop, with heavy items such as 4l milk, olive oil glass bottle, pasta and tin tomatoes cans. The bike handled beautifully. Result! When I do a big shop on Vita, although it can carry just as much, the handling of the steering becomes much more difficult and arduous. Barolo instead was great and even kept its lightness, I got home in no time!

super exciting image of... panniers!

and a close up! wow!

As I was filling the panniers a gentleman walked past me, heading for the Aldi car park and remarked: “Yours is the best way to get around!”… nice uh?! I nodded and said that it’s pretty good not having to suffer traffic jams! Perhaps he may pick up his bike next time he goes to the supermarket?

PB and I got some pretty nice bike related xmas pressies… more on another post. Between cycling and allotmenteering my presents are all pretty much sorted, and I love it! It may be sad for some, but receiving cycle stuff and veg seeds make me as happy as larry! What can I say, it’s the simple things in life that count 😉

Happy Sunday!


19 responses to “Shopping with panniers.

  1. I have a pannier rack from Edinburgh as well it is fab I’ve also got the bright red 100% waterproof Revolution pannier bags which are great too, now I just need some decent mud guards as the cheapie Halfords ones just don’t cut it.

  2. LC, I have a spare pannier-fitting permanent light & reflector which would fit Barolo if you would like it? I could bring it to the Wheeler’s Brunch (and fit it depending which bike you bring). They are really useful as a back-up if you get caught out after dark without your main lights, or if you want a little bit of extra visibility such as during mist/fog.

    I have one of those EBC panniers, they are great for the asking price, especially so during a sale. Sadly the other 3 are all the same type, so it looks like the odd one out when I have all 4 on the Yuba.

    • That would be great! Thank you very much MrC!

      With the sales they were excellent, usually £19.99 each, with 25% off they were £14.99 🙂

      If it’s not raining I may come with Barolo, although in Manchester traffic I feel the safest with the Pashely.

      Ahhh Barolo could never match the carrying capacity of Yuba!

      • I have quite a lot of spares, it’s best they get used than just sit around. I’m planning to donate a fair amount of it to Pedal MCR soon. If you come on Vita I’m sure you’ll be able to do the swap yourself, it is easy enough.

  3. Hello. I’ve been looking for panniers for ages. They seem expensive and difficult to carry by hand. Do you just leave them on the bike while you’re shopping or can they be carried like rucksacks. I’m a teacher and could do with some space for exercise books, Italian dictionary, etc. ecc.

      • It is indeed there own brand LC, and most of the stuff is quite decent especially their bicycles. Although I’ve been told that the 2011 line will no longer be made by Merida (who also make Specialized) or at least the MTBs won’t be, and they don’t know whether the quality will be as good (apparently it’s a cheaper company they are moving to).

      • Thanks for the info MrM! Shame to hear they may be moving to a cheaper manufacturing… which always sets alarms bells going about where exactly they are manufactured and if the people making them are paid fairly… the more I try to be an ethical consumer the more I find myself in a mine field… I have sussed out the clothing and footwear bit, half ‘won’ the food, but still at large with general consumer goods…

      • Oh btw. They did mention the 2011 line is due out in March so keep an eye out if you are looking for a decent bicycle deal. I’m eyeing off the Revolution Triad 1.0 or 2.0 MTB it’s meant to be hundred’s of £ cheaper than comparable brands.

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