A bit of snow…

We had some more snow!

After a week at home, nursing a tenacious flu, I left the house on Friday to go to my partner’s office for their xmas do… and as we played table-tennis we all looked out of the window around 9pm to see thick and fluffy snow sticking fast to the roofs and streets of Manchester.

I have never walked on pristine snow in Manchester as, with cars, it turns quickly into slush… but as we all left around 10pm fearing public transport would stop, we had the most delightful experience! I have no photos though, which I am really sad about, but as we were racing to the station to catch the train… I was not allowed to stop and take photos…. eeekk!!

The roads have been cleared pretty quickly (around my area at least) and I have been itching to get back onto the saddle, but a persistent chesty cough has been stopping me from it. But a decent public transport system has been a reliable alternative 🙂 I am grateful for having alternative ways to get about, which means I seriously don’t miss owning a car.


5 responses to “A bit of snow…

  1. I had a bit of a snow adventure myself. Went to see The Pogues on Friday night and it snowed while I was at the concert, came out to find 4cm of virgin snow. I think I’ll write a bit of a post about it on my blog-in-progress 😉
    I’m just sad that it seems to have abandoned us again all too quickly reducing our chances of a properly white Christmas.

    • 😀 it was brilliant to see Manchester pristine white, wasn’t it? It seems it may snow some more on Wednesday… so you never know… fingers crossed uh?! 😉 Look forward to reading about your adventure! [PS your cats are gorgeous!]

      • Why thank you I raised them myself 😉

        I’m heading to Lancaster from Christmas Eve until Boxing Day so I’m hoping there is more chance of snow up there.

        Have a Great Christmas.

    • Me too! And as I only rely on it for really bad spells of weather is also not too expensive either, considering how much I save when I am on the bike the rest of the time.

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