Sharing: “Pedal MCR”


I would like to share with you a new group/initiative in Manchester, which I find brilliant and exciting…

Pedal MCR is:

a not for profit co-operative dedicated to recycling bicycles, offering mechanical education and promoting bicycling by helping people of all ages and background to obtain, maintain, and repair bicycles.

as per the words of the founders themselves.

They have just started up, set up the first bike maintenance course (I hope to attend one in the spring) at a fantastic price, and – for the bit I know of them – I have no doubt the courses/activities/workshops et al are welcoming and helpful, without the patronising attitude that I have encountered in some other – franchised – bike shops.

They need donations, to open a cycling community centre, as they are a not-for-profit co-op. For a great initiative, I am always up for sharing and spreading the word 😀

Good luck Pedal MCR! I hope you’ll grow stronger!

Their website and their page to offer your support.


9 responses to “Sharing: “Pedal MCR”

  1. Good stuff LC I was just thinking I should really learn some more about bike maintenance, I noticed last night that the terrible surfaces I’ve been riding on means my bike needs to be trued after only 5 months of ownership & I have no idea really how to do it.

    • Cheers MrM! I hope they will arrange more bike maintenance courses in the New Year. In the meantime I would recommend finding a trusty independent bike shop. As much as I want to learn to fix my bike, I am grateful for people like Tony at Lane End Cycles and the chaps at the Bicycle Doctor co-op, whom I can really trust and I know I will never be patronised or spoken down to ( you would be surprised how often this has happened, and I am no expert but certainly not daft re: bikes).

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I’m all for more cycling co-ops and knowledge shares. I’m a bit of a bike maintenance dunce too, and find some bike shops in Manchester to be patronising and unhelpful. Not that I’d name and shame.

  3. I join you in your heartfelt good wishes for the future of Pedal MCR!

    Which bike shops in Manchester are run on a franchise basis?

  4. Hi LC,

    One of my meetup groups is planning a bike maintenance day for some time in February if there is anyone interested or perhaps anyone who would like to share their extensive knowledge.

    @Tim. Well Evans Cycles, Cyclelife and Edinburgh Bicycle Co-Op are all franchises I think not sure if Evans is franchise or chain though. Edinburgh is technically a co-op where the staff become co-op members after a year of employment. This is meant to encourage their investment in good service so I like their ethos at least, that’s why they are my first choice when it comes to those sort of bike stores. I find it completely depends on who serves me at Edinburgh, I know the guys to look for now.

    If you have a local independent bicycle store it’s good to support them, doesn’t always mean they are the nicest guys to use, they can be jerks too, so I would go where you get the best level of service.

  5. @Muldydoona
    Thanks for the reply. From my understanding, a franchise is where separate businesses (franchisees), are run using the business model (and branding, products, etc) of a central franchisor business. EBC certainly isn’t run this way – I don’t think it would work as a co-op if it was, and Evans isn’t either – some of their branches were franchised but they all became part of the main company in the nineties. Cyclelife do seem to be Raleigh’s franchise store operation but I don’t know much about them. Sorry to be a pedalling pedant, but I think the distinction is worth a mention.

    As for where to shop, I guess I completely agree about service. The day I bought my bike, Bicycle Doctor came across as a bit superior, haughty, and not very interested (I think they wanted to close the shop!), but EBC had more choice and were also friendly and helpful so they got the sale. I did try Bicycle Doctor first. 🙂 While I know some people that have had similar experiences of those shops, I know some that have found the opposite to be true, and I’ve also had great service in Bicycle Doctor on other occasions.

    Excuse my dragging the the comments a little off topic, and waffling on. Recently I’ve become aware of various schemes relating to cycle training and bike maintenance in South Manchester – both commercially run and non-profit. I think it all points towards a healthy expansion of bike-related activities, and Pedal MCR is a very welcome addition!

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