One of ‘those’ conversation…

Few weeks ago, during the cold spell of snow and ice we had, I finally decided to try Smartwool socks.

As I was in town, returning some books to the Central Library (at its new address), I thought to pop next door, to that well known bicycle shop…

… two good-looking chaps were standing behind the counter, being more interested in looking good than being of help.

As I was in a bit of a hurry I went to the women’s clothes section first, as I couldn’t spot any socks whatsoever I went over to one of them. Here’s how the conversation went…

me: “Hello! Do you have Smartwool socks?”

him: “What?”

me:”Smartwool?!… Merino socks?!…. you know?! Warm socks!”

him: “Ah, ok.”

[he wonders off, I follow…]

him: “Here.” [and points]

[I look at the socks, I look at him]

me: “Emmm… these are for men?”

[he looks at me puzzled]

me:”Emmm… I am a… woman?!” [at this point I wanted to smack him]

him: “Ah… here.”

[he points few racks down]

me: [I am quite petite] “You only have M and L. How about S?”

him: “Why, isn’t M ok anyway?”


I was ready to shout “off with their heads!” – a la` The Queen of Hearts – but I refrained, instead I just smiled, shook my head at him in defeat and left (to be honest I found the situation so surreal I was close to getting the giggles).

Apart from the fact he didn’t know what Smartwool socks were (or maybe he was looking too much at his own reflection to care) it obviously didn’t cross his mind for one second I was looking for the socks, in a bike shop, for myself! Gasp!

I don’t know if this also happens to men-bicyclists, but (as I wear non-cycling clothes and keep my bicycle-techy-speak to myself) I have experienced this kind of patronising behaviour quite often, from big names cycle-shops. I will stick to independent cycle-shops and the interwebz.


7 responses to “One of ‘those’ conversation…

  1. cough…Cough…C’EVANS…Cough…cough


    Hope the recovery is going well LC – Wend’ is joining in at the moment but is catching sleep whenever she can which helps, so hopefully won’t be as bad with it.

    Another feel-good drink for you and your sinus’s is a non-alcywollic one this time – Honey & Lemon. Worth a try!

    • Thanks Ian : D no more fever yay! A blocked nose and cough, but I can cope with that… still not allowed out of the house, though… but boy am I glad to not be working though, last year I had to work through it, for the hand over of a big project, I spent Xmas in bed because of it yuk! So, I am so glad I am home this time, with indeed honey & lemon and peppermint super hot drinks, killing all these germs… fingers crossed!

      Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Wend’ : D

      • I think I will fall to this stupid sick season tomorrow, I struggled in today but feel the worse for it. So I may wrap myself up tomorrow with a certain John Marston (console game reference for the too healthy & active to know any better).

      • Oh no! Sorry to hear. I am trying to see it on the ‘bright’ side… aka get-it-out-of-the-way-before-Xmas…

        I swear by ‘night-nurse’, (so long as you are not allergic to any of that stuff) to be taken just before bed… and super, scolding drinks like lemon & honey, ginger & lemon, peppermint etc…

  2. I actually have difficulty aswell because I am usually a medium or small shoe and glove, but conversely a XL in clothes, I’m also fairly short so all trousers are miles too big for me, which is why I’d love some endura pan.. *ahem* trousers but not for £50-60 I don’t, so you’re not alone.

  3. What an strange situation! I’m sorry to hear it…
    I hate when we go to the restaurant and the waiter serves wine only to my boyfriend. Hello?? I’m a woman, yes, but I can drink wine, right?

    Glad to hear you are getting better.

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