My week in pictures…

Last week was muchos fun… the snow/ice slowly melted and brought slightly milder temps (around 4C), which meant cycling around was brilliant! Still no-sweat temperatures, but mild enough to retain feet and hands’ sensation!

The week’s highlights were: a Manchester explore on Tuesday with lunch at Koffee Pot in the Norther Quarter; on Wednesday lunch with a friend at the International Society of the University of Manchester (delish!), then ‘bumping’ into MrC‘s Yuba; on Friday a xmas concert/get-together with friends in town, parking Vita underneath a xmassy lit tree (plus a wonder through the xmas market) and on Saturday a Sheffield visit to the ‘in-laws’ walking Kip, a mad dog I may say, who wanted to be a flying-dog.

While I am now writing this as I sneeze, cough and sniffle… stuffed to the brim with paracetamol… yup! Flu, to you and me… and no, not man-flu… the real one, the one that makes you feel like your body has been stampede by an angry crowd.

The thing that makes me more angry is that tonight is the Manchester Cycling Forum, but at this rate I need more of a miracle to be able to make it than pharmaceutical magic (and I am not even religious!)… ok, I know, I am wallowing in self-pity… right, I am off!


16 responses to “My week in pictures…

  1. Olbas Oil…Paracetamol…heavy Red Wine…wrap up warm etc etc – dragging Kip over from Sheffield might help too, dogs make good hot water bottles ;>)

    Take it easy LC & get well soon.

    • cheers Ian 🙂 not sure how red wine and ‘night nurse’ (that stuff is strong!!) would go well together lol! funny thing is no matter how old I am (I am sure it won’t change even in old age!) when I feel this ill I just wish I was a little girl again with dad looking after me, making me fresh orange juice and checking my temperature every couple of hours 😉 but on the plus side, I can indulge on watching Love Actually and Amelie on repeat, which my other half would just cringe at the thought eheh!

    • Hope you’re feeling well soon. I’ve been battling the edges of a small cold but it hasn’t taken hold yet thankfully, people in the office are off sick though so it’s only a matter of time.

      Thanks for reminding me about the cycling forum, I hope you feel up to going as I might come along and would prefer company rather than sitting on my own looking lonely and forlorn.

      • hey MrM! I really wish I could make it, but apart from my body telling me I’d be nuts, I am not a sight to be seen… really… I think I jinxed it when I wrote last time that I’d be going minus force majeure, so I’ll keep my mouth zipped about the next meeting.

      • lol! I’ll be there in spirit, just imagine a petite italian lady tutting under her breath at every sentence they’ll say (joking!! I am not that bad honestly!)…

      • I went along to the cycle forum, it was interesting and informative. I’ll have to look into whether Trafford Council has a similiar thing as my commute is shared by these councils. I got the impression from them though that Trafford cares little about cyclists.

      • Great to hear positive words about it… if you fancy doing a quick write up of what you thought of it email me, I’ll post it here on your behalf 🙂 [do you have a blog btw?]

        I am not jinxing my luck for the next meeting… coz we saw what happened with my last post regarding the Forum… I have a knack for things like this!

      • I have a couple registered but they are not bicycle related and I never remember to post on them.

      • Oh btw, I investigated the Trafford Cycle Forum aswell and will be attending that at Stretford Town Hall on 17th Feb 5:30-7:00pm. I thought I should since my daily commutes goes from Trafford through to Manchester Council.

  2. I can’t make the cycling forum this time, a work friend is leaving and I promised I would go to the do (which ended up being tonight). I’ll hopefully get down to the next one though.

    Nice to see the Yuba on there, it was nice to see your Pashley on Friday too. I figured it would only be a matter of time before I saw either you or your bike on the streets of Manchester.

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