Without further ado… “Wheelers’ Brunch”


First of all thank you for all the great responses to that initial idea of “Bicyclists Who Brunch”!!

After few suggestions, may I present you…….. “Wheelers’ Brunch”! 😀

Rough ideas, to be discussed and refined, are:

– Meet last Saturday of the month.

– First meet up either end of January (Sat the 29th) or February the 26th. Depending on people’s availability and weather conditions.

– Meet for.. yes… brunch (which goes from a full English Breakfast to scones, jam and a cuppa)! A different eatery every month, to be suggested in turns. I think that we, aka fellow wheelers, all live in different areas of Greater Manchester, so to make it fair by meeting at different locations every month means that the distance travelled will equal out for everyone. So for example, one month we can meet somewhere in the South Manchester area. In Levenshulme there’s a lovely place called POD. In Didsbury I can think of The Art of Tea and the family friendly pub The Didsbury, next to Fletcher Moss Park. In Chorlton I love Battersy Park, a lovely cafe, plus many more from others’ suggestions. Then people who live in the Stockport area may want to suggest something around their area, and so forth. You get the idea anyway.

– For the person/people to suggest an eatery venue, also the task to think of a friendly way to cycle to it… just as as a helping hand to the other fellow wheelers.

– Come along to the brunch with friends and family, so long as you will be on your trusty bike companion, wearing everyday clothes.

– This group is to celebrate the bike as a mode of transport, and get to know people who share this common interest. So it’s not a race, it’s not a challenge to prove oneself. If to get to destination B, it means that from starting point A you need to get a train+bike combo etc, that’s absolutely fine 😀 as I said, a group to celebrate that the bike can be a viable alternative to the car, and public transport + bike is certainly the way forward!

– Time of meet to be decided… somewhere perhaps around 11 or 11.30am?

If you are interested in joining is, send me an email at: ciaolc82 [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk

Cycle ♥ to ya all!

PS – quite rightly so, it has been pointed out that for the first meet up the easiest thing will be to meet somewhere in the centre of town (aka Manchester)… doh! In the excitement of things I left out the more obvious choice… venue to be discussed via email 🙂


8 responses to “Without further ado… “Wheelers’ Brunch”

    • most excellent 🙂 so far it’s three of us, and to me that represents a goer lol! So 29th of Jan it is!

      I wanted to go for a bike ride, but the fog is so thick at the moment, I can’t see the end of my road!

  1. Thought I’d be back in Manchester for January, but Santander have deemed to keep me in their employ for another three months, so I’m down in Milton Keynes till April 2011. So my trips back up to the grim north are infrequent and random. But if I’m around for the chosen weekend, I will be wheeling and brunching.

    • good point! Do you still fancy having a look at a logo/image that we can all share on our blogs etc? [you mentioned it in the last post]. ta very much!

      PS send me an email, I have created a mailing list, as discussions of venue and time etc will be done via email 🙂

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