This blog shan’t be…

…a collection of heavy, serious and moaning posts.

The current cycling infrastructure that I experience in Manchester is bad… very bad…

The current level of aggressive and disrespectful behaviour that I experience from (most) car drivers is HIGHHHHHH!


I have realised that lately my posts and comments on other blogs have been rather ‘heavy’ and seriously negative. Ops!

I am a great believer in appreciating what I’ve got, rather than what I haven’t got.

I haven’t got decent, smooth, or even segregated cycle lanes… true… but I have two legs, one healthy heart, a pair of eyes and a brain… check! Cycling gives me a fantastic sense of freedom and personal achievement… and just a great feeling of cheer and happiness. Call it endorphines, call it ‘reconnecting-with-nature’ or what not… it does make me feel very happy, period.


To cut the story short, I will sincerely and actively focus my energies in blogging about the positives of cycling. For example next up more ideas on “Bicyclists Who Brunch” or better named “Wheelers’ Brunch”… stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fear not… I will continue to work, as much or as little I may be allowed, to support and strengthen the vision that cycling is a viable, environmental and social form of transport… You will find me at the Manchester Cycle Forum on the 14th. I will listen and observe at first and I will try to attend those  four meetings a year, minus any force majeure.

What I do in my working and private life has a direct interest and effect on the environment. The way we live now and [ab]use our planet is just not sustainable… we carry on like this and we’ll have little left to pass on… I’d like to think I can do my little bit to try and pass it onto the future generations in a bit better shape. I think it’s a worthy endevour, no?!

And as much as sometime I may spend a thought that a benevolent cycling dictator could be a solution, I really believe in changes by people’s participation through positive experiences. The blogs that have affected me more in pursuing my interest of cycling to go about my daily life, have been those ones, which, despite problems and all, depict the positive side of cycling =)

Now… should my posts turn negative or serious or ‘us v them’… tell me off! Ok?! Ok!

this is me & my bike... we go places!... despite potholes and all =)


12 responses to “This blog shan’t be…

  1. Its always interesting to here about adventures cycling around Manchester and reminds me how lucky that I am living near Lancaster where we do have good cycle network and that we two national parks plus two Area outstanding natural beauty on the doorstep!

    • Hi Simeon! How are you?

      Yes your photo gallery shows amazing landscapes!

      Manchester is well located to the Peak District, and my other half often cycles up to the Lady Bower Reservoir and tells me it’s an amazing ride. Hopefully with a bit more cycling experience I will join him next spring. Not to mention the canals network in and around the city =) they are truly beautiful, I love the industrial history of this parts.

      I think all the spending cuts by this current government aren’t helping local authorities in making decisions on how to allocate their budgets. I think as citizens we need to encourage and support… even if this means a little bit of polite ‘nagging’ 😉

      Happy rides to you!

      • Okay LC spend this morning wading through the snow to our morning cafe stop at Wilf’s in Staveley where spend good hour chatting and then looking around Wheelbase which is a big cycleshop before riding back to cars this was due the large amount of snow still on the ground in the Lakes which can make riding a bike bit more interesting!

        Yes Lady Bower well worth doing and quite a easy ride around the Reservoirs up to Slippery Stones in the Upper Derwent Valley.

        Yes I agreed with you about the spending cuts but we have be lucky in North Lancashire that we had about 3 millon pound spend on the cycling network and on promoting cycling by Lancaster City Council and Cycling England over past few years.

        Yes the photos galleries across the four local group websites that I am webmaster of show what amazing countryside we got in the North West of England, its just case encouraging more folk to go exploring on two wheels instead of four wheels.

      • Can you believe I have never been to Lancaster! I’ll have to make a visit… I’ll bring my bike 😀 maybe when all this snow has gone though eheh!

  2. Yes alot folk just bypass Lancaster on the M6 as they head up to the Lakes or the Yorkshire Dales or Scotland but as cycling centre once you out of Lancaster there alot of quite lanes and also alot of different landscapes in easy riding distance of Lancaster. There alot of cycling information about Lancaster on Lancaster City Council cycling website at worth checking for anyone wanting to visit the area.

  3. Good points but sometimes you have to point out the negatives. I’m all for being positive but not to the extent of ignoring issues that effect cyclists on the road, if that meanswading through negativity to find solutions then we have to do it.

    • Absolutely Paul, couldn’t agree with you more. But what I have found is that if one’s turn his/her attention to the negatives, it can easily and quickly turn into a snowball effect, where energies are directed into only negativity without usually much effect. It is always important to note the negatives, but think on how these can be turned around.

      For example Manchester has a cycle forum, which meets four times a year. As far as I know there are usually less than 10 people (sometime half that!) attending. How is that representing the cycling community? Imagine if instead of just moaning about how cycling infrastructure is, all those people (me including) would show up at those meeting… imagine a room filled with not just 10 people but 100, or more. That would make a difference in itself, wouldn’t it?

      So instead of just moaning about it, as I have realised I have been doing lately, I’m planning to go to the forum (it may be one simple thing, but it is an active start), I maybe only the 11th addition, but then if more people join too, the representatives of the Manchester cycling community can grow and with it, its role in representing the everyday cyclist’s requirements.

      I work in the built environment, and it’s so disheartening when I hear those people, who just wag their finger, ‘shouting’ how all it’s bad, it doesn’t help anyone. When someone comes to me with “I don’t like this, but how about that”, it lifts my spirits up, because yes, things are never perfect, but with the right attitude solutions can be found.

      [Sorry for long reply Paul, I really agree with your comment, is just that this issue is close to my heart, so it’s nice sometimes to be able to put thoughts in writing lol!]

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