Fallowfield Loop in the snow!

After reading MrC post on night-time cycling on the Fallowfield Loop, I could not resist going and explore myself, in the daytime though ; ) A trip to Sainsbury’s in Fallowfield was the perfect excuse!

The crisp crunch sound of the snow under Vita‘s wheels was a delight! I managed to make a very quick video with my p&s camera (nothing fancy)… can you hear the birds chirping!!!! We are in the city here, and it sounded like the countryside… ok, minus the ambulance siren in the background… but still =)

no bike friends for Vita

But, on my return home I looked at the bike and realised how much snow got stuck everywhere! Especially stuck between the tires and fenders… needless to say I gave it a good ‘clean’ before getting into the house… I guess looking after your bike properly (i.e. after every ride) comes with the territory of cycling in snow.

this is what snow cycling does... bit of TLC for Vita was in order


5 responses to “Fallowfield Loop in the snow!

  1. I always use that stand at Sainsbury’s too, regardless of bike but mainly because of the size of the Yuba. The Loop looks pretty by day, I was on it last night testing out some lights (I wanted somewhere with no street lights) and it was most enjoyable.

    • I really enjoyed cycling down the loop… just hadn’t realised how snow gets stuck in the fenders! Do you have the same problem with the Yuba? I think that now that I use the bike while there’s snow, I’ll have to clean it before I take it inside the house, for its sake more than mine (aka cleaning!)

      • I haven’t had the snow in mudguards problem this time, but with the heavy snow at the start of the year I did. Cleaning was less of a problem though, the building where I live has communal bike parking so I can leave it to thaw there.

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