“Bicyclists Who Brunch”

I’ve been toying with this idea for a while… to put the word out there about organising a monthly get together for Greater Manchester bicyclists, who enjoy their bikes as a mode of transport.

There are many groups out there for the bike as a sport, all of them with some lovely people! But there isn’t much to share and enjoy bikes as everyday transport.

So, best thing I thought was to put the idea out there via the blog and twitter. Thanks to MrC and Ian for giving me initial support that such idea is not so mad after all 😉

“Bicyclists Who Brunch” is just a start, I’d love to hear more ideas on what we could call this group. I’ve chosen the word bicyclists to start off with as this gives me the feel of people, who use their bike leisurely, to go from A to B, relaxed without needing to feel like they have to race. I would like not to use the overused words of ‘chic’ or ‘slow’ etc… you know, something a bit… different.

To meet one Saturday a month perhaps, open to all, young and old, men and women, singles, couples and families! So long as you see your bike as a friend and a travel companion. And cycling in your everyday clothes 🙂

Maybe for the group to start after the worse of winter, so that more people feel they can take part and cold + ice won’t put us off?! With each monthly meeting in a different location, so that the distance to be travelled to meet up can be shared equally.

What do you think? Would you come? And if you have/think of a better name than Bicyclists do say!

PS – inspired by the cycling blogosphere =)


20 responses to ““Bicyclists Who Brunch”

  1. Yea, count me in. I don’t have a car just some bikes in different stages of functional order. I’m working away from Manchester at the moment, but I’ll be back possibly January, shout out the meeting times / places when you have them. I’m hoping there will be somewhere to actually Brunch 🙂

    • Hey Calvers! Def after worse of winter, and I’ll post ideas on dates, location etc here on the blog!

      ohhhh a good location for brunch will always be first priority on the list… the pleasure of cycling is that you can eat to your heart’s content 🙂

  2. ohhhh, looks like this could be a go-ahead then! Super!

    MrC, I am liking “Wheelers Who Brunch” a lot =) don’t know why but it has an element of fun… perhaps I am thinking of wheeeeee exclamation as I go downhill 😉

  3. I’m hoping there will be somewhere to actually Brunch
    I’m interested
    like “Wheelers”
    looks like this could be a go-ahead then!
    …oh yeah!

    Count me in too :>)

    Can you keep me posted on Twitter LC re: possible dates? (Shift work & all that)

  4. It may worth putting a small ad about the new group in Northern Wheel the quaterly mag of Manchester CTC, you find more details about Northern Wheel over at http://www.cyclingmanchester.org.uk Other thing after the first ride is decide if you are going to independent cycling group or local group of national club like the CTC which as about 200 local users groups up and down UK. If you go down independent cycling group route you need sort out some group insurance, to cover ride leaders from being sue etc.. Both the CTC and BCF offer group insurance through affiliate membership for groups, you find more information about CTC affiliate membership at this link http://www.ctc.org.uk/desktopdefault.aspx?tabid=5358

    It also worth having a look at this blog http://chesterfabulousladies.blogspot.com/ they are local CTC users group.

    One tip for the first ride have cafe stop in the first few miles so everyone gets know each other on the ride and take plenty of photos of the ride for posting on the groups blog or website. As I found that new members on South Lakes Group rides usually look at the ride photos for a few months before coming on a ride.

    I look forward to seeing the ride photos of the group first ride on this blog and when you sort out date for your first ride, e-mail me the details and post it up on South Lakes Group Blog.

    with regards

    • Hi Simeon!

      Thanks very much for so much info! We’ll keep it in mind 😀

      At first I think the ‘group’ will be an ‘excuse’ for people (and children too!), who enjoy their bikes as everyday transport to meet, chat and yes have brunch! Hence why the Saturday idea. I like the idea that this is something that anyone interested from all over Greater Manchester could join in 🙂 so it’s more about making our own way (of the people I know from other blogs, we are all spread across GM) to a chosen location (this to vary every month) to meet for a good old natter, ideas, bikes conversation and some good food…

      It’s very exciting to see so many positive responses!

      Cheers again Simeon, I’ll keep you posted about the first get-together avec food!

  5. Biking and food is ALWAYS a good combo! 🙂 I’m sure you will succeed fabulously with your idea! 🙂 I live in Washington, D.C., and have often gone up to New York City to participate in a folding bike ride that occurs every couple of months… There are about 25 or so of us who meet and ride around the city to a few different establishments and chat up a storm about bikes and admire each other’s bikes. LOTS of fun! Enjoy! 🙂 🙂 Charmaine

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