Know your local bobby

In a misfortunate event I had the pleasure of meeting my local bobby.

Misfortunate because, we don’t know who, but someone thought it clever (and hoping there isn’t anything more sinister than that) to come to our street and slash the tires of all the parked cars. We haven’t been affected as we don’t own a car, but that doesn’t mean we have not been concerned about the event. Our street is a lovely little street and we all know each other, so it’s nice to be able to share the bad and the good together.

Anyhow, yesterday evening I got a knock on the door from my local GMP bobby (or you may prefer saying: Officer, or Constable), a really lovely chap. He mentioned how in a way we were lucky as we didn’t own a car, I said we had more bikes than people in the house =) He then told me he is a keen cyclist too and he much prefer bikes to cars. So I felt not too cheeky about asking some questions regarding just that: bikes and cars.

I asked him whether, when I have experienced dangerous and threatening behaviours from drivers I should/could have contacted him (i.e. the local bobby of an area) or GMP about it, as I am wary of not wanting to waste their time, add to the paperwork mound. He said that in all occasions it is really important that any cyclists, who experiences these sort of bad behaviour, report it, this can be logged and a reprimand letter to the driver sent out, plus the Police will check whether such driver may be uninsured, or even not in possession of a valid driving license. He told me that I’d be surprised on how regular certain drivers crop up in things like this, and that help from members of the public is indeed always helpful.

I have worked with various Police Authorities across the country, and I’ve found that most of the people (officers and civilians) I’ve met to be dedicated to what they do and why they do it. I’ve come across some unpleasant individuals no doubt, but more than made up by so many others, who really believe to be of service to the public. I am not doing free PR for GMP honestly, as happy I am to criticise and debate when the Police handles things wrongly, especially during protests and marches, I am also appreciative of their overall sense of duty and honesty. Something that in other countries (world wide) people cannot rely for protection and safety at all, on the contrary, the Police Force in such countries to people mean fear and violence.

So, meeting my local bobby was great, he was chilled, chirpy and helpful.

To report any non-emergency incident or for any enquiries for all Greater Manchester you can call GMP on 0161 872 5050.

To find out about your GMP Team, go to the GMP Police website and click on Your Neighbourhood.

As modern as GMP are, they have a Twitter account too! Find them @gmpolice


The chat with my local PC made me realise that when I got knocked off my bike not long ago, although with no resulted damage or injury, I could have called the 0161 number and asked of my local PC directly and reported it straight to him.

It is worthwhile to know more about your local GMP Team =)

PS – Spending cuts are affecting GMP, with an estimated loss of nearly 3000 jobs in four years! Even just by 2021, we’ll have 300 less officers on the streets.


One response to “Know your local bobby

  1. That’s a positive take LC! The PC who I saw after being knocked off was great, even though he couldn’t really do anything without a registration plate. Most of them are human apparently ;>D

    Our local free newspaper has a section on the local court cases which contains a worrying trend – ‘Failing to provide details of a driver’. I’m presuming that what is going on is that the Police are getting in touch with owners of vehicles, as your Bobby has said, and that they are denying responsibility. It could also be a way of covering up a driver without a license. Not good to see, but on the other hand – at least they are being caught up with.

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