A frosty loop

I was out all day today with Barolo, using the Fallowfield Loop as my destinations were all along it =)

Some pretty photos to share of frosty leaves and grass with, once again, a magnificent blue sky!… Also as I feel my posts lately have been somewhat ‘serious’ 😉

"Are you ready Barolo?" - "Ready!"

my mobile seems to have a knack for time-warp effects 😉

Today’s cycling conditions were a first for me, at -4C with the wind chill bringing it down to about -7C, because last year I stopped cycling from November till March as I was still letting my kidneys recovering from my bout of illness… but I boldly thought ‘I know what I am doing’ and instead under-dressed completely! One pair of tights with one pair of socks…. bad! Wrist warmers with gloves but no mittens… bad! You get the picture. So I got home at 5pm and I was meant to have a sit down for half hour then swap bikes and head out with Vita for Critical Mass… I even got my fairy lights ready!

Instead, I got home and I could not feel my feet, soooo painful, oh yes! I ended up nursing my painful feet, had a cuppa, looked out of the window and chickened out…. 😦 how pathetic of me uh?! Huge apologies to MrC and Northwest-is-best as I said I would have gone…

So… note to self: Don’t be brash, think before you dress and don’t go home in between ‘trips’!


3 responses to “A frosty loop

  1. Nice pics as always. Layers eh? Always a balancing act between an hour in the fridge & 5 mins in the microwave!

    I forgot C’mass also. Just come off nights & am on call due to the weather – hence remaining horizontal for much of the evening just in case. Will get down there one Friday.

    • =) my feet felt as brittle as ice! the oddest sensation!

      I salute you for doing nights! My dad did many night shifts in his job too, I remember how I used to tip toe during the day so not to wake him!

      I really want to organise “Byclists who brunch” (or something similarly titled) perhaps one Saturday a month so to be open to as many people as possible and their families. C’mass is great but unless you are already in the city or are very organised (unlike me!) and have no pressing things to attend to after work, is not easy to take part… last time I managed to go it was May… but then, that’s mostly my own fault lol!

  2. The loop seems very pleasant.
    Good thing you can use it to go to your destinations!
    As you, I’m riding my first winter and I’m enjoying it a lot. For now I don’t have any problem with clothes or cold. ;P

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