Sharing dutch cycling infrastructure wisdom…

Thanks to a post by David Hembrow, I’d like to share on this blog too a really interesting video by Mark Wagenbuur.

New cycling routes can be accommodate not only in ‘new’ towns but even in old towns, where at first glance it may seem an hardous task to change the existing urban structure of the city, i.e. existing roads, tramlines, pavements etc…

It just needs a bit of thought and willingness to shift the city’s focus from being car-centric to people-centric: i.e. where pedestrians and cyclists are king, not the car.

I am sure we can all share pleasant experiences of being in parts of cities (British or abroad) where it’s nice to walk around, sit down and have a coffee, where car fumes are not inhaled; where city noise is made up of only people chatting, bike bells chiming and walking steps of shoes and boots rather then car engines and beep horns. In the wider picture, we have to sit up and take notice that we need to change the way we live as our environment is quickly deteriorating. No-one ever said it’s an easy task with an easy solution, but there’s no point in buring our head into the sand thinking ‘I can’t do anything’. We can all play a vital part in shifting our energy consumption, and reducing car usage while favouring walking and cycling can be a beneficial, vital step that we can all take. It’ll improve not only the environment, but our everyday life too and the interaction with our community!!

Our local authorities will only sit up and listen to us when we will create enough momentum to generate enough ‘noise’ 🙂 politics shapes us, but we shape politics too!! If the majority of voters are car reliant, the local authority will always favour the car, they want our votes after all! But if we favour the ability to pleasantly walk and cycle in our cities, the local authorities will have to shape their actions towards our requirements… because… they want our votes!

As little as you may think your political role is, it has huge power in enabling things to change. The ocean is made up of millions of drops!


3 responses to “Sharing dutch cycling infrastructure wisdom…

  1. I’ve already seen this video and it’s very interesting.
    Next Sunday is election day here in Catalunya and the way each political party see the bicycle topic is going to have a special importance for my vote.

    • That is a super link! Cheers Ian 🙂 Interesting to read similar blog posts too (he reviewed Italian cities of Bologna, Ferrara etc!)… great minds think alike 😉 JOKING!!

      I was lucky in that my uni years were still ‘just’ charged at £1k a year… I would be def taking to the streets if I was a student now… a 6years course, of which 5 at £9k would be unthinkable for me…

      Good day to you! =)

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