End of autumn…

It may be the end of autumn, with winter around the corner, but there are still plenty of crisp and sunny days to be enjoyed.

Being out and about with the bike on days like this is a real joy. Or of course walking. But no matter what, I’d say, leave the car at home… if you can, if you are going nearby and your bike or legs could take you there!

a cosy, bright winter coat : )...

...with a cozy, bright winter dress... cheering away any winter blues!

dress – Yumi (thrift find)
cardi – hand-me-down from a friend
tights – woolly M&S
boots – sheep wool lined from Clarks (from winter 2010)


10 responses to “End of autumn…

  1. Today is looking like the sort of day worth taking advantage of, although I’m still a little tired from yesterday. I like crisp, clear wintery days for cycling though.

    • Indeed another lovely day today, but so cold that my throat froze 😉 I am gonna move onto wintery scarf and double gloves combo soon!

  2. Don’t think the outfit would suit me. Mind you I might get noticed more wearing something similar rather than my bright yellow stuff. Which kind of thrift shop did you got to…?

    • =) ahh you never know Darrell! My partner teases me that he may try tights as I swear by them how much warmer I am than wearing jeans eheh!

      When I write thrift shops I actually mean charity shops (I alternate the way I call them on this blog) as I found that non British blog-friends aren’t always familiar with our traditional charity shops 😉

  3. Darrell – Don’t think the outfit would suit me.

    LC – ahh you never know Darrell!

    Better keep my mouth shut. This lack-of-a-crossbar thing is leading me down a slippery slope LOL

    Very well done for flying headlong into Winter with a sunny attitude :>)

    P.S:- Can you update your link to my blog por-favor LC? I’ve changed its title & Url – and heaven knows why for all the hassle it’s causing (soz!)

    • 😉 do you have any Scottish heritage you could call upon?! =)

      will do! So sorry I had no realised that my link was still the old one…

      Have you seen the frost this morning? Looks very pretty! My friend in Newcastle said it lightly snowed there!! *cheesy grin*

  4. wheeee love the green coat as always and your cute little flower dress =)
    here in SF it got to 39°F the other day when a girlfriend and I met for coffee in the early AM. that was the coldest my toes have been for quite a stretch in the morning commutes in quite a long time

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