A day along Oxford Road

Yesterday I spent my day along Oxford Road, and what a lovely day it was!

I went to the Withworth Art Gallery, my all time favourite, for a wonder and then met my friend, who works at the University of Manchester, for lunch. The cafe of the gallery is just wonderful! Delicious food, locally sourced and seasonal.

view from the gallery steps


comfortably parked at the gallery - avec not one, but two baskets (!!)

I then went to the MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) to use the library for an assignment I am writing, and look who Vita met! A sister Pashley =) A Princess Classic. Might have been a bit cheesy, but I thought it would have been sweet for the two of them to keep each other company, so I parked Vita next to her… they looked quite a pair!

‘We’ then headed home, at 5pm it’s so dark! But I find the bike sheds of the university even prettier by night : ) [yes, I’ve just put ‘pretty’ next to ‘bike shed’]

For these dark nights, I’ve brought back to life my winter-lights-set-up: the front dynamo now has an additional, small strap on light, which I keep on the flashing setting and at the back the fixed rear light (LED) is paired up with a strap-on red light that I keep on my helmet all the time, also set on flashing. I find that a ‘steady’ light combined with a ‘flashing’ light catches drivers’ attention really well. In my opinion and experience, lights are the most important element for safe riding! I saw a cyclist, who was cocooned in super duper cycling gear from head to toe, but had no lights whatsoever! He just blended into the darkness… scary stuff!


13 responses to “A day along Oxford Road

  1. This post makes me want to ride a Pashley in England, like, now! 🙂 I love the two wicker baskets.

    Cyclists without lights make me so nervous, but this year the vast majority of cyclists have lights.

    • Dottie! Your next European trip should feature the North of England 😀 We’ll show you round!

      I am still astonished how many people cycle without lights here… accidents waiting to happen.

      • We should take note from the Germans where almost all bikes are required to be supplied with dynamo-powered lights (racing bikes can come with removable battery lights I think). That’s why so much of the best dynamo equipment comes from Germany.

        I’m sure we could show Dottie some fun around these parts.

  2. I saw some rear LED lamps last year that alternated between blue & red – which when flashing blue would certainly guarantee you some roadspace.

    (…cough…cough…probably illegal though…)

    • ummm… too risky… but I am really thinking of going OTT and decorate the rear basket with xmas lights till January the 1st! With the hope of raising a smile as well as few inches of space from overtaking vehicles!

  3. I always hope to think they either got their lights stolen, or are only riding for a block — I don’t like when people forget their lights!!! so scary :/
    anyway, SOOOO love those wicked baskets <333

    thanks for the comments on the blogs, as always and happy fall!
    much love from SF xxo.meli

    • hey Meli! Thanks for popping over 🙂 happy fall to you! Here in Manchester we are swiftly moving into winter! Where does time go 🙂

      lv from Manc to SF! xoxo

      • They only give them out to staff and postgraduates, for a one-time fee. It is a good facility, but the sheer numbers of bikes chained to all sorts of objects around the campus suggests that there is a demand for more. I’m always shocked at how much car parking the university provides at such heavily subsidised rates.

    • I saw the lady who rides the Oma on Monday! She was riding a little further ahead of me before she stopped at that bike shed… but had no time to stop and say hello as I was quite late… wish I did though!

  4. I have two lights running on your bike but I feel I should have more. Might stop in at the Bicycle Co-op tomorrow on my way out.

    • hey there! hope you got your lights in the end 😀 Bicycle Co-op guys are top notch! I go to Tony’s Lane End Cycles in Burnage, he’s pretty cool too and always helpful.

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