The second city we visited was Bologna. A much larger city than Modena, but equally enchanting!

The train from Modena to Bologna was just over an hour and costed us about 8€ for a distance of about 50km.

Here’s some photos of Bologna to give you a flavour…

Street book-readings organised by the bookshop (open till midnight), where all those red stools and chairs are.

The main square with the “Basilica” (i.e. cathedral) that is being renovated, so its facade is printed onto canvas, covering the scaffolding. A neat way to maintain the ‘view’.

View of Piazza Maggiore as the sun had just set.

One example of the city’s (simple) bike infrastructure (it was the sear number of bikes that made the difference rather than ‘proper’ infrastructure). Note that the bike would go against traffic, in marked path, so to face traffic and make proper eye contact (you can see the directional arrow at top of image, near the  ‘pram’).

Italian postal bike =)

There was always something interesting going on in the streets, like this small gig… where passers-by would just stop, sit on the kerb, listen, eat ice-cream and enjoy the warm night… not bad uh?!


6 responses to “Bologna…

  1. Those Italian post bikes are very similar to the Mailstar Royal Mail use. They even look like they have the same 700C rear/26-inch front set-up.

    Nice pictures, brings back memories of my trip to Italy a few years back.

    • hi MrC! I was so pleased when I saw so many in action (they use them a lot in this region)! Had to take a pic ; ) I think you’re right about the front/rear set up. The postman was not in sight, I wanted to ask him/her so many questions! (where I am from, postal scooters are more the ‘norm’, as it’s far hillier).

      Where about did you go in Italy?

      • I came through the Alps from Munich to Milan and over the course of a week visited Genoa, Turin and Andorra with @grimnorth. We stayed in Andorra the longest by imposing ourselves on a relative of one of the group. It was great to spend time in such a pleasant rural setting. It was the most expensive of all the countries we visited though.

  2. Looks really nice, as do the other places on your trip :>)

    Those contraflow lanes against one-way traffic are coming in more & more over here too. A great idea as they keep the road open for cyclists & save a big detour, which is fair really when you consider that the road will have been made one-way due to the volume of motor traffic.

    I love the huge clockface in the Piazza!

    • Bologna is full of one way streets (as they are too narrow for two-way traffic) but it’s great to see bikes ‘rule the rooster’ 😀 there’s an element of bravery though, especially as you have to contend cycling space with speedy scooters!

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