More of… Modena!

Sharing some more great images from Modena.

Elegant people with the coolest baskets ever! [see more later]

Bikes whoooshing past…. [not really… nothing bike related in Modena is fast, that’s what I loved!]

Bikes + porticos = Modena 😀

Pretty bikes with pretty skirt guards… that don’t get locked to anything!!! Just wheel to frame, you know… like that… simple!

But also have cool bike racks….

AND proper, segregated, bike, lanes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WIDE lanes………….. with YELLOW lines…………. *she faints*

A popular basket shape… and I can see the benefits… more loading capabilities… it’s on my list (my long, long list)


… Hold and behold…

Kids cycle to school! Yes! Lots and lots of them! I wasn’t expecting to see this, both because this isn’t normal stuff in Italy (i.e. we are not Holland) and because it is certainly something I don’t see here in Manchester (a part from few cool kids on BMXs but I wonder if they’ll keep on cycling as they grow older and into other interests…). Anyhow, it was great to see!

Next up is Bologna! But I am off this week… to uni…. ahhh yes! Don’t think I said, but I quit my job… yes… coz working in the construction industry + recession = sad face… and instead of waiting around to know my destiny and after having worked with the most unethical contractor I have ever know, I decided to do something that really enthused me, that I wanted to do for a while and that will give me new energy and knowledge and skills. [but do not fear, this blog is not about work… nor uni… nor about work related rants… ok a part from this tiny, ickle, tinsy one… but that’s all… I promise!]


10 responses to “More of… Modena!

  1. Wow, they ‘do’ bicycling in Modena don’t they?

    It’s interesting that, in the home of Ferrari (drool), they have such a strong affinity with bikes. The separate lane puts the UK in the shade too and…you’ve fainted? Pull your self together woman! LOL

    Really nice pics BTW

  2. And best of luck with Uni – something good will come of it all in the end & i’m sure you’ll feel much better for doing something that fires you up a bit :>)

  3. Good luck with uni! I left my job to study for a year and it was one of the best things I have ever done.

  4. Thanks all!

    @Ian and Jennifer: Thanks, I feel I have made the best decision ever, and in a way for me this recession (especially the latter end) has been probably a blessing in disguise 😉

  5. Great pictures! It makes me excited to think of the potential developments we’ll see here in Manchester/UK… because uptake of cycling just has to keep on growing, doesn’t it? And good luck with uni! I’m sure you’ll have a blast now that you’re a little bit older and wiser than most freshers.

  6. Wow, I’m very impressed by the bike culture in Modena! Is it like this all over the country? Has it changed a lot since you lived there?
    And congratulations for your decision! This year I’m only studying (I’ve been working and studying for 4 years) and I feel is the right decision. Good luck with this!

  7. Impressive – that’s A LOT of bikes and such gorgeous scenery! I love to live vicariously through others’ amazing travel adventures.

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