An ode to my ‘hood and to Manchester :D


Did you know about Manchester Blog Awards?

I didn’t! Till this afternoon 😀

I first, randomly, discovered the delightful Love Levenshulme… I love Levy, so I share in the happy vibe of this post! Yay for great blog stuff!

Then, through the blog awards I discovered a whole new list of Mancunian blogs!!!!!

Now, although I did not see Mancunian Cyclists Blogs (like MrC’s or Ian’s or the others that I have listed here), BUT all/any blogs about this great place of ours must be celebrated… so I present you….

Manchester Daily Photo

Look Up Manchester

In a town so small


Ribbons & Leaves

The Pigeon Post.

New Light on Old Bones

The Shrieking Violet

Folly of Youth

330 Words

Who the fudge is Benjamin Judge?


Fat Roland on Electronica

Tales from the Tower

The Bell Jar


phhewwww! That was a task in itself! But I hope you may discover something new that will be fun/interesting to read. I have read some, I need to delve more into others. But it really is great that there are so many blogs out there about Manchester or life within it 😉

*cough cough* go vote… *cough cough*…. love levenshulme? 😀 yes please!


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