Autumn! I <3 You!

photos taken in Fog Lane Park (south Manchester)

– Because the air is crisp but I can still soak in the last rays of sun;
– Because the warm colours of the yellow and red leaves make me just so happy!
– Because I love, love, love hearing the “crunch-crunch” of leaves under Vita‘s wheels;
– Because the light is the most beautiful one ever, of all year round;
– Because I can start wearing again my beloved tights-and-skirts combo : )
– Because cooking comforting food like pies, stews, apple crumbles with custard and home made bread is just THE BEST!

You? Favourite season? Why? Go on! Share : )

Happy Friday!


12 responses to “Autumn! I <3 You!

  1. I don’t have a favourite season as such, more a favourite type of day. A day like today where it is cool and crisp, the sky is clear and you could cycle for miles and miles without overheating and dehydrating. Luckily enough for me these days crop up in Autumn, Winter and Spring.

    • It’s great to cycle with the sun in your face but without dehydrating (and yes that ‘bad’ word: sweat!) ; ) I think my brain is still in student mode (never left really) as I see September/October as the beginning of the new year, of something new, so I love autumn also because of this ; )

  2. Ditto – although some of those in early Jan/Feb can take some beating for crisp air & blue sky. The nice thing about anywhere full of trees is the changing view you get through the year.

    The good days we’ve had over the last week have been brill really – we’re supposed to be in for a cracking weekend (…and naturally I’m on nights) so enjoy!

    • Levy is good for that, we’re lucky, there’re so many old, big trees we really ‘see’ the seasons… and it’s nice to know that yes, we still have four seasons, all intact (you know those people who says “there are no more seasons nowadays”?!) lol! : )

      My dad used to do nights and I remember as a little girl I used to tip toe around the house not to wake him during the day : )

  3. I couldn’t agree more with you!
    Autumn is my favorite season. Essentially I love the same things you mentioned: the leaves, the light, baking, biking and changing the closet!
    It’s the perfect time of year because heat is leaving and anticipation of cold, cozy days is growing. I start to think about cakes, scarves, snow…!
    And I can’t stop riding my bike and tanking photos of the trees.
    We must enjoy every day of it!

    • Hi Nuresma! It’s nice to meet others, who enjoy quaint things like me (like baking, cycling and enjoying lazy, cosy wintery days!) : ) I’ve started crocheting presents for xmas and I am all happy ; ) (although I dislike xmas shopping though, while making presents… I love!).

      yes, “enjoy” should be the word of the month!

      PS – where about in Catalunya are you?

  4. Yes, it’s nice to share likings with other people, especially since most of my friends seem to not enjoy such pleasures (most of them prefer racing their cars or spending a lot of money buying things they don’t need).

    I’m from north-east Catalunya, in the region of Girona. Do you know?
    It’s very nice here…although I would like to live in the Netherlands only to have the change of riding my bike everywhere 😉

    • I have heard of how beautiful Girona is, but I’ve never been myself, one day we’ll visit for sure!

      Every once and a while I get disheartened with cycling infrastructure here and I dream of merrily cycling in the Netherlands or Denmark lol! Then I come back down to earth ; ) and realise things are not so bad here afterall.

  5. I love autumn too. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness…and hats and gloves and skirts and boots 🙂

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