Modena – Festival of Philosophy

Our first stop of our holiday was Modena, a town in the region of Emilia Romagna.

Last time I’d been I was only really little, so I remembered not much of the place. But the great history of the partisans’ resistance during WWII has always made me very proud of this town’s history and this region. (Italy wasn’t all Mussolini as many people only think it was, but that’s another story)

We were lucky to catch the last day of the Festival of Philosophy (you can read the link in English if you click the british flag on top left corner) of this year. An annual event where many free talks are organised in the town’s squares and public places, where people can hop in and out as they wish. Modena is a wonderful cycling-friendly town, and many locals where hanging in the squares, listening to the talks while leaning against their bikes : D

The festival creates a great atmosphere, and contrary to what people may believe it’s really friendly and down-the-earth. There’s nothing high-brow about it, it’s a festival to engage people, anyone who happens to come to it on purpose or just stumble across it.

So these first photos of Modena are of the Festival of Philosophy and Modena’s bikes.

For car lovers out there, Maranello is few km away from Modena and is the home-town of Ferrari : )


talks in the main square


a vending machine, dispensing philosophical essays ; )


the main square with clear blue sky (!)


bikes are the perfect transport and leaning support!



4 responses to “Modena – Festival of Philosophy

  1. I love old town squares – great places to sit & watch the world go by. I bet those old walls & cobbled streets could tell a few stories!

    The festival sounds interesting – I’m not aware of anything remotely similar over here :>/

    • I really recommend this region in Italy, it’s perfect for a laid back holiday, and they are all greatly connected by train (cheaply too!) : D

      The festival is one of a kind even in Italy, and during the current government is a much needed antidote to the forever-spreading ignorance ; ) [but I am hopeful soon enough things will change!]

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  3. What an interesting event!
    I only knew about Modena for their vinegar. Sadly it’s a usual matter; here in Catalunya we also have a great history but the rest of the world doesn’t know much about it. I think Italian history is also pretty rich.
    Anyway, nice trip! And I can see a lot of bikes, yeah!

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