Basket love…

I love my rear basket, have I ever said?

A birthday present, it mostly replaces the front basket, it’s just so perfect. But no matter what basket you have, you can get a multitude of uses out of it. I can even fit a decent amount of shopping in the basket alone.

You can fit your coffee morning (the one pictured was a treat when I had to work a full Sunday on a deadline, urgh!); duck eggs, which reached home intact! And they were transformed in the softest Victoria sponge cake ever; and seedlings ready for transport to the allotment. These are only a handful of the stuff I carry in my basket : )

You? What do you carry in yours? (Panniers count of course, for you boys out there!)


7 responses to “Basket love…

  1. Oh eh, plenty.

    There’s a couple of posts here and here listing a few pannierfuls. They get filled once or twice a week on average.

    Wend’s basket has carried a few bits & pieces but not on a grand scale. She’s out at the mo, taking young Emm’ for a ride :>)

  2. The other day I carried two shall bushes for my apartment. One in each panier. I did get abuse cycling back through Ashton centre. Unlike Ian, I have no photos of said event.

    • that sounds brill! Why the abuse? Just because you were transporting two plants on your bike??? Some people are so so sad. I am sending you some cheers instead, to make up for it 😉

    • That’s super!! A lemon tree around here only survives in a greenhouse 😦

      Thanks for sharing (as I wrote on your blog too lol!) x

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