Things you see from a bike…

…that you wouldn’t notice in a car : )

I was cycling to work not long ago, and the fields to the north were being re-landscaped, in doing so the chaps were cutting away all the green edges that were growing on the side of the pavement. On doing this, they uncovered ‘magic’ trees growing within the green mesh fencing!! Jokes a part, I find it amazing how nature can overcome any obstacles!

and the tree said: "you-will-not-stop-me! you damn mesh fencing! you!"

I was cycling pass and thought ‘how amazing!’, I don’t think by car I would have noticed, and even if I did I would have not been able to easily stop and have a closer look. And as I walked my bike a bit further up to rejoin the road safely, I saw a group of ducklings swimming in the Mersey, mother duck not too far away kept on calling to keep them in line. Love cycling just for the simple things like this!

those little speckles are the ducklings...


5 responses to “Things you see from a bike…

    • ahhh, there’d be millions to list, the other day I caught the cutest chuckle of a little girl with her grandad walking on the pavement : ) something that again in a car would be simply missed!

  1. In addition to seeing more of the world around you by bike, cycling a route gives you a much deeper understanding of it than riding in a car, bus or train. You actually feel the hill and conquer it rather than just seeing it, and you are rewarded at the end by the downhill. You notice the irregularities and properties in the tarmac, gravel or earth you are riding over.

    You really know a road once you have cycled it.

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