Bikes about town

I was in Manchester this morning and I spotted a number of cool people on bikes! Only managed to capture two plus a seriously cool cargo bike!! an 8 Freight bike, that I never saw before and the only thing I know it’s that is designed by Mike Burrows, I found a nice little article here.

a lovely lady…

a dapper dude…
AND an 8 Freight cargo bike!


6 responses to “Bikes about town

  1. Nice pics, and glad you linked to the 8 freight article LC – for within it gives a good idea of what riding a tandem is like (it’s under the subhead – The Ride).

    ‘Steering the Bus’ is exactly it, as instead of pivoting on a back wheel that is almost beneath you, a back wheel on a tandem is quite a bit further back. It feels weird at first to the pilot, so when you have a go on one (as you mentioned wanting to recently), I’d suggest whichever of you is going in front has a quick go on it solo first. Once you’ve done a couple of turns it’s ‘jus like riding a bike’. (honest!)

    • That sounds pretty much like what it is like to ride the Yuba. Once you’ve gone to the end of the street you get used to the difference in handling and it becomes natural.

      • oh no!… my wish-list keeps on growing… lately I have down: one Brompton, one tandem and one cargo bike (liking the Yuba, the Bakfiets or the danish ones like the Nihola), then eventually learn how to build myself a single speed, just because… ah! and did I mention owning a mixte Mercian because you know it’s built in Derby and you’ve got to support British Built right?! well ok, any excuse really 😀

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