New Tourer!!!!

So my search has come to an end as I found a great touring bike!

When Charlie (a fellow Pashley rider, and Brompton owner!!) contacted me to say she was selling her touring bike and she was same height as me, I had a good feeling about it. I always love serendipity moments like this! Like Charlie ‘meeting’ me through the blog or like ‘finding’ Pashley while shopping in Chorlton (more of that later).

So I arranged to go and see Charlie’s bike last week and hold and behold it was a beautiful, steel, British hand built, Dawes!

more exciting photos to come!

A 1997 Dawes Sterling, to be precise.

Frame size was perfect, tall enough for me, but not too tall to risk overstretching. It has the gear shifters on the down tube, which to me it feels ok, maybe because I am petite but so far I found I have not swayed when changing gears (I mean there must be a plus point in being tiny right?!), the thing I need getting used to is riding with drop down handlebars, I am just so used to Pashley.

The bike feels great and rides great, and it’s a super burgundy colour, so much so that I think I may name it Barolo (a great Italian red wine). Hope Charlie won’t mind ; )

I am really over the moon for having found a bike that feels great and I like. Steel frame as I wanted, but much lighter than Pashley (she’s a heavy tank at 20Kg, frame alone!) so much so I effortlessly lugged it up and down the train station steps.

Now I need to spend a bit of time on the Fallowfield Loop gaining confidence with the drop down handlebar then I can’t wait to go off on my first ‘adventure’… I am thinking to venture into Cheshire countryside, Alderly Edge area. I’d like to go to Jodrell Bank.

9 responses to “New Tourer!!!!

  1. Very nice, I hope you do get to Jodrell Bank, the public transport to it is terrible. It looks like it is lugged, which is impressive for a bike made as late as 1997.

    Have fun

    • Indeed! A lugged frame, perhaps that’s why I like it so much, it has a classic feel to it : ) [It even has a sticker saying British Hand Built, Tourer Class 97]

  2. So glad you like it. I think the choice of name is perfect. Here’s wishing you both many happy miles together!

    • Hi Charlie! Barolo has pumped up tires now and we have already had a lot of fun cruising up and down my neighbourhood : ) ready to go onto real roads now! Hope to see you again soon!

  3. This bike looks a great find! You might be happy with drop bars but just thought I’d mention that Velorution in London has a nice selection of Nitto and Velo Orange handlebars if you’re looking to swap them for something else. I’ve been doing quite a lot of mixte component research in anticipation of the day when I will finally have my own!

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