1000 miles!

Thanks to a twit by Mr.C I realised that since starting cycling daily, without fail, (back in April) I have clocked up 1000 miles!!!

I really can’t quite believe it! And I am not writing a post to pat myself on the shoulders, I promise! But it’s because two years ago I thought this impossible.

I got quite ill with a kidney infection, after being hospitalised and thinking all was resolved the problem came back and got worse, so I ended up spending a year of in and out of hospitals with one test after another. I was lucky to have met great doctors and medical staff who really worked their best and kept on reassuring me all the time (sorry, I always take the chance to thank them and the NHS, which people should be really proud of despite problems and all), but I didn’t get back to normal life till well about this time last year.

Bit by bit I started cycling more, because I liked it and because it was gentle exercise that my body could cope well with, then that bit by bit developed into a great cycling bug, the one that makes you feel really happy inside (on a sunny day more than on a rainy one of course!), I was sensible and not cycled in winter (thought better not risk it) but then from April onwards I started cycling every day, helped by the kind weather, and by the time I found myself caught in the rain I was confident enough to think ‘what the heck I’ll get wet’ ; )

So, four months on of about 10miles a day on my beloved Pashley I can celebrate, happily, 1000 miles!

If I can do it, anybody can, honestly : ) and you’ll be surprised on how rewarding cycling is. So now I am intending to keep on going and pushing myself. My first target is to take part in the Manchester-Liverpool ride next year, raising money for either Kidney Research UK or if possible the Renal Unit of the MRI hospital in Manchester (I need to contact and ask). And since I’ve now mentioned it here, it’s one more reason to sticking to my word!!! No backing out now lol!

Happy week end all!


10 responses to “1000 miles!

  1. I’m glad my tweet inspired you to tell this story. it is amazing how good cycling is for your general sense of well-being. It is also amazing just how quickly previously unattainable distances become completely straightforward.

    Before I had my wisdom tooth out it had been bothering me for months, painkillers barely put a dent in it, but a 25 mile bike ride always made me feel better. There is definitely something in it.


  2. thanks all! : ) I really do think cycling is healing in many ways, both physically and mentally. I can’t remember where but I read somewhere doctors are starting to ‘prescribe’ it as a ‘cure’ for depression too. Perhaps between releasing endorphins but also realising what you can achieve one ride after another cycling has definitely something great going for itself. I do know that this kind of feeling/sensation some people find it in running, for me is definitely cycling 😀

  3. Totally agree about cycling putting you in a good mood.

    Well done with the mileage, and wait till you start putting some miles on your Dawes!

  4. Totally echo that ‘cycling makes you happy’ note. And a little smug smile crept across my face earlier this week when I saw the herds clustering around the bus stops during tube strikes. This summer’s been good for riding, just gonna have to grin and bare it from now on until the spring

    • me too! I hope to stick to my riding throughout winter… secretly keeping my fingers crossed for a cold but bright & sunny winter… I could cope well with that lol!

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