A cycle ride to Salford Quays

We woke up, this Monday Bank Holiday, with gorgeous blue sky and before the weather could turn and wipe away any enthusiasm PB and I decided to go on a bike ride!

Where to though? At first we toyed with the idea of going all the way to Crosby Beach to see the Gormley’s figures (by bike & train though) but then not trusting the weather we decided to stay more local so we thought ‘let’s go to Salford Quays!’. That was a great idea, not only as it ended up being a great ride, but because I found out how easy it is to get to it from our neck of the woods! (thanks to PB for his super duper knowledge!)

So, we cycled down the Fallowfield Loop all the way to Chorlton, down Oswald Road, across a tiny little path that took us onto Warwick Road S, crossed the Trafford Bar metro station, cycled pass the cricket stadium then Man U stadium, across again into Trafford/Salford and voila` we found ourselves onto the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal. Cross the lifting bridge (that’s how I call it) to get over to the Lowry and the new Media City, which I cannot believe it’s nearly finished!! (well the first phase though!). And we treated ourselves to a delicious fish and chips! Ahhh the joys of riding : )

a conversation avec Vita and IWM

awaiting fuel... aka fish & chips!

gigantic Media City... they weren't kidding about the 'City' bit!

It was colder than I thought, but thankfully I had my small windproof/waterproof jacket which kept me warm enough. It is definitely the end of summer. Not that is a bad thing though! I loooove autumn!

I think this may be my last summery outfit...

I really enjoyed the ride, all in all it was about a 15 mile trip ish, 7 miles done in 45min (as we were certainly cruising at a leisurely pace) went really quickly, cycling onto safe and quiet roads (a bit bumpy as always) and we even resisted temptation to stuff our tummies with blackberries along the Fallowfield Loop (although I am intending to go back armed with a basket!).

I thoroughly enjoy discovering new ways to go about this city and its surroundings, and this small adventure by bike made me realise that while by car (including traffic) it would usually take me closer (or more) to an hour to get the Lowry, but by bike, at a fast pace (if I just had to get there for a purpose) I’d say I’d be there in 30min =)

My friend C lives in Chorlton and she is slowly but surely growing to like cycling more and more (not because I go on and on and on about it.. oh no!!! eheh!) and enjoying short rides (thanks to her bf too!) so I think this kind of trip to the Lowry would be perfect for her on a quiet Saturday morning, I’ll definitely propose it as an idea for our next girlie get-together!

Do you have favourite bike routes that get you to see Manchester in another way? I’d love to know and I’d love to know if you ever got to the Lowry/Salford Quays this way!


6 responses to “A cycle ride to Salford Quays

  1. I like the Quays, it is a nice place to cruise around. Once you have crossed the lifting bridge you can follow the path along the waterway all the way into the centre (it dumps you out near the Science & Industry Museum).

    • We were tempted to go into town from there, as you say. But we decided a nice cuppa at home was the way forward ; )

  2. Nice pics as always, and sounds like a nice easy Sunday.

    Agree totally about the end of Summer – I rode into work on Sat & Sun. At 5.30am it was veeery chilly, and riding home in the evening whilst warm, was dark – the daylight almost gone by the time I reached home. Today has been nice though, really warm & sunny :>)

    What is PB’s bike? A Cannondale CAAD 9 by any chance?

    • I’ve noticed that too light wise, mad uh?! how the seasons change : ) but I honestly really like autumn, so I am kinda of looking forward to that. Don’t think so re: Cannondale, as PB’s bike is from Italy, bought it from the bike shop around the corner from my mum’s then shipped back (it was cheaper than what he saw here lol!) but not sure what it is, I’ll go and investigate and report back ; ) (yes, I am that technical! eheh!)

      • PB’s bike was actually built by the chaps who he bought it from in Italy (although not custom built for him)… bad of me to think it was just a bike shop, ops!

  3. Once you have crossed the lifting bridge you can follow the path along the waterway all the way into the centre

    Sounds far nicer than a tram Mr C.

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