Long hours…

Working long hours, unpaid overtime and high levels of stress do no good to one’s wellbeing… ok let’s call it properly… mental health!

My daily cycle is what is keeping me sane, but nonetheless no inspirational photos have come about… this week end being the first two sunny days in about three weeks of rain, rain, rain… (keeping my fingers crossed for this little sunshine to stay so I can dry my bones…)

In the meantime I can’t not reminisce about a very hot Spanish break last year…

During which we had fun on what I know only as ‘riscio`’ (popular back home too!), which you can see a picture of it here (what’s it called in English btw?) [link for illustration purpose only]

Drinking seriously cold Cruzcampo beer to escape the 40ºC heat…

And listening to lively locals debate of current state of affairs…

… ahhhhh holidays!


5 responses to “Long hours…

  1. It sounds like you are in need of a hol (or a beer!)

    Love shots like the last one – wonder what they are talking about???

    The Riscio would just be called a quadracycle or pedalcar over here. Riscio sounds better & a bit less serious :>)

    • Hi Ian! Yes a hol is in order 😉

      They were talking fast but I could gather the animated conversation was about some changes to the state pension that the government was proposing…

      The ‘riscio`’ are popular in Italy too, especially in the seaside towns, I remember fun evenings with friends hiring one (they can hold/carry about 4 people, two front and two back) and spending silly hours on the seafront promenade. It has one steering wheel, but then either the two people at the front pedal or even all four!

  2. If it is what I think it is it is also called a “sociable,” (as opposed to a tandem because of the more sociable seating position). I always wanted a go in one ever since seeing one used in quite a few episodes of Chucklevision as a child.

    To me…to you

    • hey Mr C! If you are ever in Spain or Italy (especially in seaside towns) you will be bound to find many places that hire them 😉

      The first photo was me and PB in Seville, it wasn’t too expensive either…

      Chucklevision is new to me… I’ll go and investigate 😉 (I moved to England when I was a teenager)

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