A Mancunian Saturday

There’s nothing better than cycling to town early on a Saturday morning, ‘parking’ in St. Peter’s square and having a little wonder.

This city never stops to amaze me, I love it to bits!

a quirky alley I did not know about!

my favourite place: Royal Exchange Theatre

A beautiful vintage bike as part of the current play props


6 responses to “A Mancunian Saturday

  1. Gorgeous pictures with interesting composition. I especially love the black and whites.

    I agree – parking my bike and wandering around is always a good time 🙂

    • Thanks Dottie! Cycling early on a Sat (or Sund) morning is bliss, there’re no many people/cars around so it’s a real pleasure 🙂

  2. Its great to see familiar landmarks looking so picturesque. Maybe some of your international visitors would appreciate some shots of the canals in a similar style, many of my friends from overseas are surprised by the existence of such an old network of waterways in such a superficially modern city.

    • Thanks & definitely! Have also been meaning to head over to the great Manchester Ship Canal with PB for a mini bike adventure. Manchester has so much history, like always it may not be all that rosy (and certainly never black&white), but it certainly is something that this city should be very proud of… well I am, and I’m a humble ‘adopted’ mancunian 😉

  3. I love that first pic esp – super stunning.
    So where’s that alley, I would like to go have a gander- very very cool for the Rainy City 🙂

    • Hi Georgie! Thanks for your comment 🙂 that alley way is just off King Street, half way down it from Cross Street (or Deansgate, whichever way you come up to it).

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