Dear MCC Highways Department…

… do I need to get you a new set of surveying equipment?!

Well, in my never ending battle with potholes, I diligently reported a pretty crap section of a road that I cycle down to and fro religiously twice a day.

It got logged by Environment on Call with reference 1395803.

This was the response I got: “Highways have advised that there are no actionable defects at this location.”

This is what this ‘location’ looks and feels like when riding over it…

Now, where’s the email address for Highways, Environment on Call and The-peeps-who-want-to-promote-cycling-as-an-alternative-mode-of-transport Department????

Perhaps I should have used the online form… but then I have a niggling feeling it would have made little difference… *sigh*


4 responses to “Dear MCC Highways Department…

  1. It looks like they are ‘avin a larf ;>D

    I think you have discovered a local alternative to those online petitions to the PM. The ones they don’t read & then file under BS.

    Drivers of 4x4s don’t notice these defects, and given how some thrash sportscars & other pride ‘n joys over speed humps, complaints are going to be rare.

    Have you tried to ring your local council office? At least you will get a person on the other end of the phone instead of a computer :>/

    To make it interesting you could also neglect to mention you’re a cyclist & see if they treat you any better.

    • I like the idea of forgoing the mention of being a cyclist and see if I get a different response… I just don’t understand the complete apathy of the council in matters like this, when they go on and on and on, on how they want to turn Manchester into a sustainable city 😦 plus I am kinda of expecting just simple, bog standard road maintenance… I am not asking for a star studded road, really!

      PS – How’s Wendy enjoying her Pash? =)

      • Yes she’s enjoying it.

        There seems to be a bit of a problem with the gears though, in that 1st is very hit n miss, and it occasionally jumps in 2nd.

        We’ve checked the cable adjustment, which seems okay. It maybe ‘the newness wearing off’, but I’m going to email Pashley this week for their opinion.

      • I’ve never used 1st so wouldn’t know, sorry. Round my end 3rd and 4th are all I need, as it’s fairly flat. But I had problems with 3rd gear slipping into 4th and vice versa, mine was a gear cable adjustment thing, I brought Pash to Bicycle Doc (I always do) and they sorted it out in no time. Perhaps you need to take it back to EC, get them to check it first, they should be able to put it right 🙂 Hope you get it sorted, Pashley’s built is second to none, so I am sure it’s something easy to have it corrected.

        Happy cycling!

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