“There’s no bad weather…

… just bad clothing!”

How right is that?!

With this hot (well for Manchester anyway) and muggy summer, cycling in rain is… fun!

Yes, indeed… I am not teasing you or being sarcastic…

There’s something quite carefree about cycling under the rain, feeling refreshed while being a little soaked…

But like the old Scandinavian say, it’s just about wearing the right clothing! Same way I saw many chaps in shorts and sandals cycling today I opted for a stretchy flowery skirt and pumps, even though I got thoroughly wet I dried within half an hour and my shoes only needed a quick wipe…

rain = H20... have a giggle while you ride in it!

I had rain trickling down the helmet, onto my glasses and nose but I found that quite funny!

Traffic lights today were perfect for a little head shake to get rid of the biggest rain drops… I must have looked quite peculiar eheh!

Another thing I like about cycling is how many memories and feelings of childhood brings back and how uplifting it is, yes even in the rain…

plus, by the way, it-is-just-rain! Good old H2O!


2 responses to ““There’s no bad weather…

  1. I’ve been rain-riding in just a t-shirt and my normal trousers recently, the heat means they don’t stay wet for long.

    Still, a bit of dry weather wouldn’t be a problem

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